WESG 2018 World Finals

The WESG 2017 Finals will be organizing a CSGO tournament which will be held between 12th until 18th March 2018. Counter-Strike fans are very eager […]

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WESG 2018 World Finals

From: 2018-03-12
To: 2018-03-18
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B.O.O.T – Dream(S)cape
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EnvyusEVTeam EnvyusnVTeam EnvyEnvy

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Isurus Gaming
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MVPmvpPhoenix GamingPhoenix

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MIBRMade in brazil

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Space Soldiers
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Vici Gaming

ViciVGViCi Gaming

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AGO Esports
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Bravado Gaming
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Max Esports
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Prize Pool

Grand total: $1,365,000.00

WESG 2018 World Finals

The WESG 2017 Finals will be organizing a CSGO tournament which will be held between 12th until 18th March 2018. Counter-Strike fans are very eager to see all the fighting action their favourite esports team has been training for like rescue missions, defending while also invading bomb sites, competing for their share from a prize pool of $1.5 million.

The WESG events are organized by Alisports that has a Chinese sports Channel that collaborates and promotes sports in China. It is owned by a public company, Alibaba Group, that also supports Sina Corp that runs the social network, Weibo.

The esports tournament series, WESG set up matches in various games give you the chance to place your best CSGO betting, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone and Dota 2 bets. This year will also feature a demonstration of matches like ‘King of Fighters 14’ and Vainglory, which will be exciting to watch, a must-see for all esports spectators.

32 esports teams from all over the globe will be competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for their share from a prize pool of a whopping $1.5 million. They will be attending the CSGO tournament, WESG 2017 World Finals taking place at the Haikou International Convention and Exhibition Centre in China.

Haikou International Convention Exhibition Center

The World Electronic Sports Games 2016 was the first esports tournament in the series, that was held in January 2017. The best four CSGO teams went through the Quarterfinals, advanced to the Semifinals, where EnVyUs beat the Space Soldiers with a score of 2-1, while Kinguin defeated the favourites Virtus.Pro, 2-0.

The third-place match saw Space Soldiers lose to VP with an unbeatable record of 0-2. The Grand Finals saw the best Counter-Strike squad, EnVyUs beat Team Kinguin, who finished in second place claiming their reward of $400K. The blue boys took the title of the WESG World Finals in 2016, claiming the first prize of $800K. Third runner-ups were Virtus.Pro, one of the favourites in the CSGO community that proudly received their share of a $200K cash prize.

This year, WESG 2017 World Finals will see the crème de la creme of CSGO teams from five regions America, China, Europe, Africa as well as Asia. The format of the CS event will begin with Group Stage 1, where eight groups of four will go head to head in a best-of-one series, in which the top two units will proceed to Stage 2 while the bottom two will be eliminated.

The Group Stage 2 will be divided into four groups for four Counter-Strike squads competing in best-of-two matches. The top two of each group will advance to the playoffs while the others will be eliminated. Reaching the Quarterfinals is an accomplishment in itself, boosting morale for those who never thought it was possible, on the other hand, the higher up you go in the CSGO tournament, the harder the competition. Once you pass Quarterfinals, you know for a fact that the four teams playing will place in top four, determined by the Semifinals and Grand Finals.

The WESG 2017 World Finals will see teams coming from different continents from the four corners of the world. From African region, Viva Algeria will represent the North, while Bravado Gaming from the South. From the Asian Region, the best CSGO teams that you can bet on are Alpha RED, Parallax, Team MAX, RECCA Esports, NEW4, SZ Absolute and EMC. The top Contenders in the Asian region include:


The Australian CSGO team, Order was created in January 2018. They acquired the Kings Gaming Club roster, having competed in the WESG 2017 Asia Pacific Finals beating MVP PK. The CSGO team have also participated in the premier tournament, IEM Katowice losing to Ninjas in Pyjamas to rank between 13-16th place. Being a new esports squad that lacks the experience of gaming competitions, Order will achieve better results later on in the year but at the moment, they have not reached top gaming levels.


South Korean esports squad, MVP PK that founded their CSGO squad in June 2016. The latest achievements include winning the minor event, DaddySkins Asia Super League. MVP came in second place of the major, WESG 2017 Asia Pacific Finals. They have the potential to be a top favourite qualifying in major esports tournaments once in a while however they tend to do better in qualifiers.

BOOT-dreamScape CSGO esportsonly


The CSGO team, BOOT-DreamScape from Singapore started out in January 2017. They have lately participated in the Major WESG 2017 Asia Pacific Finals coming in third, ranked 5-6th place at the IEM Katowice – Asian qualifiers and 3-4th place in the Asian qualifiers of DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018. Does this CSGO team have what it takes to be a top contender?

ViCi Gaming

The top esports team representing China will be ViCi Gaming. Their latest performances have seen them win minor esports tournaments and due to the difference timezone, it could be difficult to practice against the world’s top CSGO teams. They do have the potential to win major tournaments but they have a long journey ahead of them to be a top world ranking unit.

Professional gamers from different squads come together to represent their mother country. In fact, the European esports teams that qualified for the main WESG event are national squads from:

– Ukraine with a CSGO roster that consists of Navi Zeus, Navi Edward, Navi s1mple, Hellraisers Bondik and F3 Markeloff.

– Russia, a lineup of professional players consists of Gambit seized, Gambit Dosia, Navi electronic, Navi Flamie and F3 WorldEdit.

– Representing Belgium are pro cyber athletes like NV Scream, Alpha YOUYOU, FARIS, LDLC to1nou and LDLC Ex6TenZ.

Other European qualified CSGO teams also include Wololos, NOREG, Limitless Addict, Godsent, AGO Esports, BIG, and EnVyUs. However, top contending units from Europe will also be at WESG 2017 World Finals, these include:

FNATIC-CSGO-team esportsonly.com


Fnatic has recently won the IEM Katowice, beating Faze Clan and with that win, the CSGO team have gone up to the 5th place ranking in the top CS units in the world. The recent Eleague Major 2 and the Starladder Series Season 4 proved to be a bit disappointing, on the other hand, they have shown potential to win esports tournaments beating the second-best team, Faze. Will the fanatic players restore their great winning reputation in the coming WESG 2017?

Representing South America are two Counter-Strike squads, Team One and Isurus Gaming. As for the North American region, pro units include subtLe, Swole Patrol and The Onliners. The top NA teams at the moment to place your best CSGO betting are:

SK Gaming

The North American unit, SK Gaming is now the second best CSGO team in the world after they lost to C9 in the Eleague Major Boston and the CS_ Summit 2 losing to Team Liquid. The latest esports tournaments proved to be even worse, ranking in between 5th to 8th place in the StarLadder & i-League StarSeries Season 4 and IEM Katowice 2018. Would you place your CSGO betting on SK Gaming if they overcome their weaknesses in time for WESG 2017 World Finals?

Cloud 9 CSGO champions

Cloud 9

C9 has kept up a winning streak in the Eleague Major Boston and CS_Summit 2 earning their position as the third best CSGO team in the world. However, C9’s performance at StarLadder & i-league StarSeries Season 4 and IEM Katowice was a disappointment, losing to top units like Faze Clan and Mousesports. Would you place your CSGO betting on Cloud 9 if they played their A-game at the WESG event?

Now that you have an overview of the participating teams, you will surely expect intense fighting action which will surprise many esports fabs. What are entertaining tricks up the sleeves of the professional teams? You have yet to find out but in the meantime, on whom will place you CSGO bets?