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The ultimate esports betting guide, EsportsOnly offers you a choice of the best esports betting sites around. Most online gaming brands have expanded into the new exciting world of esports. On top of this, the constant growth has spread through many markets such as the US, Asia, South America and most of

Our esports betting partners, provide the best esports betting odds based on the winning statistics of teams, the highest earnings and on which squad most people wager. The choice of esports betting sites offered to give you the possibility to bet on esports games, such as CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, FIFA and many more.

Best Esports Betting Sites 2020

Whether you are an esports fan or new to gaming, we can help bring you up to speed with all the latest games, team updates, latest news, live events and the best esports betting sites, where you can bet on your favourite esports tournaments. There are various reasons that you should take into consideration while choosing the best esports betting site.

We offer the very best comparison of the world’s known esports betting sites, which offer an array of bonuses with great competitive esports odds . 

Browse through some of our gaming operators that give a thrilling betting experience. No matter where you are in the world, you can wager on your favorite teams and electronic sports. Simply by clicking on ‘Sign Up & Get Bonus’, you can sign up to any of our partner’s sites and deposit to start betting on your favourite esports game or event.

If all this sounds good, keep on reading and delve deeper into the exciting world of esports.

You should be aware though, although regular sports betting sites also offer esports betting, their offers may not be as great as dedicated esports betting sites, as they tend to focus more on football, tennis and other main stream sports.

Signing up to renowned gaming partners through, will no doubt give you peace of mind that you are betting through a protected platform. On top of this, we are offering you the best odds you’ll find out there.

Our partners offer efficient Customer Support so you can contact them whenever you encounter problems on a wager or for any questions that may arise.

The most prominent type of bet in esports is wagering on the outcome of a match. Knowing the games, competing teams, esports players, and betting types will surely have better luck with more options open for you to speculate on your preferred esports tournaments.

A good starting place before wagering is to understand and familiarize with how betting lines work so then you can compare the vast range of games listed online and get an idea of the odds. Once you feel more confident as a better, spread out your bets on more than one partner site which will give more value on returns.

Keep an eye out for the team’s performance to avoid a good bet gone wrong. On top of this, keep updated on any changes there have been within the team which could affect the predictable result. So do your homework, plan, and research before taking the plunge on an early guess.

Esports betting is somewhat new in the online market even though video games have been around for quite some time. Check out the latest news, partner sites, the most popular electronic games with the best promotions around. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, place your bet on the most exciting esports tournaments.

Gambling has always had a bad reputation. Many countries outlaw gambling, while some accept it with open arms, but online gambling is another thing as it is. Most countries that block normal betting do not block online gambling, while some still stand conservative and firm.

With the many sites that offer participants with esports betting tools and an even higher number of participants willing to partake in esports betting, controversy is enveloping the online betting scene.

Technically, in most states in the US, it isn’t. But you can still bet with sites that are not based in the US. Esports betting is only legal in some US states such as Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. The countries where Esports betting is legal (or actually legalised) are as follows: Spain, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Korea, New Zealand, and Macau.

A country has to legalize both online gambling and sports betting in order for esports betting to be considered legal. The legality of Esports betting is a constantly changing topic; some countries where it isn’t legal now might legalise it in the future.

Major betting companies are faced with a big problem: most people who are attracted to esports are minors, meaning that these people aren’t of legal age to participate in gambling, whether it be in real life or online.

Betting companies are trying to find a way through this, but older gamers seem to salvage the industry.

Aside from this, gaining the trust of gamers to bet is an obstacle as many esports sites are found to be mere scams. This wounds the loyalty of many gamers, but finding a good and real betting site online is actually pretty easy if you know what to look for.

The legality of esports betting is still a debate, but both the betting sites and the people who bet are hoping that the government would have an open mind and would make esports betting legal once and for all if they make it through its rough patches.

Esports betting may give the gambling world a whole new light.

For one, Esports betting is a growing market.

The industry of Esports betting is relatively new. This means that there are still a lot of loopholes in the system that you can discover strategies that can help you win. Aside from this, investing first hand on this gamble will also provide you with deep insight into how everything works. And if you have a company, you can sponsor video game tournaments to increase the visibility of the services you provide. This newness attracts a lot of gamers worldwide, and it would be wise to take advantage of this fact.

Bet for the fun of it.

Like the introduction of soccer or basketball, Esports is here to last and so is betting in this market. A lot of gamers bet for the fun of it. For entertainment.

Getting accustomed to Esports Betting

Watching someone play gives many players a rush of adrenaline, but nothing really gets them pumping more than watching someone play with stakes. (And the fact that they can tell someone else an “I told you so.” with a smug face.) It’s like watching football or soccer or any other sport you love watching or practicing.

The betting community can be a serious investment.

If it isn’t painfully obvious, you get to profit off correct bets.

Betting on game tournaments is an investment you should be willing to make. It can land people a rich profit just by watching quirky video game characters battle others of their kind. A pretty laid back yet fruitful investment.

1. Finding your ideal esports game to bet on

Find Your Ideal Esports Game To Bet

The first step in betting on esports is realising what kind of game you’re betting on. League of Legends? Dota 2? Specific games have certain ways of being played, and thus there are different ways of betting on each.

Here are some of the most popular games that people bet on:

2. Compare and choose the best esports betting site

Compare the best Esports Beting

Note that choosing a trusted and secure site is a priority. Scams are emerging here and there, and it is important that you pick a bookmaker that you can rely on.

There are a lot of betting platforms available online through a quick Google search. Some are big and specialise on a specific video game, while others are more diverse and may even include betting options for regular sports. You can be adventurous and bet throughout various sites, but remember that the security of online betting platforms should be considered before tying up with a betting site.

But don’t worry, we have you covered. We have done all the work for you already!

3. Deposits and Payment options

Deposit Payment

Before clicking a payment link on any platform, read some of the users’ reviews of the site and be absolutely sure of the legitimacy of the platform. You might have been taught not to judge a book by its cover, but you can almost always spot a fake betting platform if the site is cranky and unprofessional. Of course, some secured sites may be weak on their web designs, but the biggest and most trusted sites often attract clients with sleek designs.

Research about major companies, and ask your friends for some recommendation. Don’t rely on mere hearsay though, be sure to review the site with peeled eyes. Fake sites set off some warning signs unconsciously, and you can pick up on these.

All betting platforms also offer bonuses for betting on Esports events and matches. These bonuses are offered as welcome gifts and are available for one-time use only: on the first deposit. These bonuses vary in shape and size, and they are used to attract gamers into picking their site over others.

These bonuses should be taken advantage of, and they may even influence your decision in being loyal to their site.

If you’re serious about profiting through esports betting, you need to have more than one site in your pocket. Know the most trusted sites and bet on two sites at once – three, if you’re feeling adventurous.

If you bet on ten sites at once, you would either end up richer than Steve Jobs or homeless and starving. Do not bet more than five unless you traveled to the future and saw the outcome of the game yourself. Gambling is, well, a gamble. There are risks to take.

4. After signing up, pick a match and a team

Sign up to your favourite esports

There are some things that you need to consider before picking a team to root for besides personal preference, as you are putting your money on the line.

Assess the teams and players and research how well they are at the video game they’re competing for. Do extensive research and don’t cling to just personal preference.

Look through your chosen player’s winning history and compare it with their rivals. Have they won five more times over their enemy? Is the opposing team more capable than the one you’re betting for?

The odds of betting on esports matches and winning should be stamped in your mind as well as your goals. Choose a player that has more edge in winning, and you’re doubling the chance of success.

Also, when picking a team, try and stray away from the big teams that everybody bets on.
Esports matches are unpredictable and you do not want to conform. Conforming to the popular choice without research backfires fairly easily.

That being said, do not pick the unknown ones either.
Wait for the new teams to establish themselves before putting your stakes at their side. Remember the earlier tip? Research about the history of the players before picking them? Yeah, you can’t quite do that with a team with an empty record sheet.

Your preferred team should also be able to work together. Choose a team that has a perfect harmony – consisting of players with varying strengths and weaknesses. You might want to stay away from a team that has just lost or added a team member, as this might upset the synchronize of players.

After you’ve done your research about the teams, you then need to consider the odds of betting on Esports matches.  For more partners on Esports and other kind of sports betting you can visit the MaxFreeBets Esports betting section.  There you can find other related betting partners for football, boxing, tennis and more !

Understanding Betting odds on Esports matches

Before placing your money on a team, it is essential to understand the odds. Depending on the odds in the team you’re betting on, you can either have an instant lose or an instant win.

For example, a team might have the odds of 1.50 while another team has 2.50. These odds are either in decimal or American.

If you’re betting 15 bucks on the first team and they win, you can multiply 1.50 and 15 to see how much you’ve earned.

By doing that, you get 22.50, meaning you just earned 7 and a half bucks.

However, if you placed your bet on the team with the 2.50 odds, you would have gotten 37.50 bucks. You would’ve profited 22.50 instead of 7 bucks.

Here’s another thing: the higher the odds, the less likely it is that the team would win. 

Sometimes, let us explain.

Esports matches are highly unpredictable. To get the most out of your betting choices, you should place your bet with the winning team most of the time, but not exactly remove the choice of the losing team out of your backup lists. When you can’t find any valuable information about the team, this is a perfect time for you to take a risk.

Follow the Best Esports Tournaments

Finding your ideal esports bets: 

The first step in betting on esports is realising what kind of game you’re betting on. League of Legends? Dota 2? Here are some of the most popular games that people bet on:


New to Esports Betting?

Here’s all you need to know about how to place your first bet on any esports live match or tournament: 

Decided to finally bet?

Esports betting is a complex market. There are many things you need to understand – from the video game itself to the players to the process of betting with a site, it is a busy and massive industry.

But at the end of the day, it’s just another market. It has its vulnerabilities and its shields. In a way though, it is far different than any other industry. Once upon a time, video games were just games. Who knew that games would give birth to a whole new sport, and a whole new form of gambling? Who knew that you could profit off magic spells and fictional characters?

But alas, the industry has shaped itself- and it continues to evolve.