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Playing online can be an exciting gaming experience. The thrill builds as the game unfolds and odds change with every moment. One thing to remember is to keep bets within your financial budget as constant betting can mean, an increase in your cash spend. While gaming is a leisure and relaxing activity, some people can go overboard to the other extreme, unaware that their habits lead to a gambling addiction. We therefore, promote and encourage responsible gaming at all times.

How can you maintain control over your gambling habits?

  • Betting online is meant to be fun and never to be considered a means of income, you can never rely on earning money from gambling as final outcomes are unpredictable.
  • If you play hoping to gain what you lost, it is most likely that you will be wiped out
  • Bet with an amount of money you can afford to lose
  • Stick to a time limit, make sure you don’t spend excessive amounts of time playing so you can enjoy the rest of your day doing recreational activities.
  • Keep track of how much money you spend
  • If you are feeling blue, it might be a good idea to not play, as we can all make poor decisions when we are emotionally compromised

Our esports betting partners have come up with a variety of web-based solutions to help you control and play responsibly so you can bet in a safe way.

If you think you have a habit, take a self-assessment test which is offered on our partner sites. The results will give you an idea where you stand and, if the need arises, to address your problem appropriately and with guidance. These tests are carried out anonymously with no record of your answers.

Our partner sites also give you the capability to set a limit on deposits. Once you sign up to one of our partner sites, this feature enables you to restrict how much money is put into your account before you start betting. The timespan of limited deposits can vary from a day to a month.

Talking about limits, you can also specify how much you can lose over an amount of time, it could be on a weekly basis, monthly or yearly. A global limit can also be done allowing you to transfer an amount so as to bet on your favourite egames.

When you feel you need to put off gaming for a while, there is an option to self-exclude yourself from gambling. This timeframe varies from a day to six months – the system prevents you from logging into your account.


The legal age accepted by most betting sites is over 18 years old. To prevent minors from playing online, our partners have the right to ask for proof of identity and withhold the account until the necessary verification is approved. If you share your computer with children always take the precaution of using internet filters to restrict access online. Another point worth considering is to safeguard your username, password and bank data from being discovered.

Besides offering online help in tracking potential gambling habits, there are many organisations that address the issue of gambling in an anonymous and supportive real-life environment – Gamblers Anonymous or the National Council of Problem Gambling, for instance.

While placing bets online can be rewarding in many ways, too much gambling can negatively affect not only you but others around you. If you feel you might have a gambling problem, own up to it and take control before it gets worse.

Get to know more about responsible gaming in the UK on GambleAware.


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