DOTA 2 Betting

Dota 2 betting sites now generates millions of dollars in revenue with the influx of well established online betting operators who are offering the best esports odds on an ever-increasing number of dota 2 esports tournaments.

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An introduction to Dota2 Betting

With the every increasing popularity of esports, Dota2 betting has now become one of the most popular activities for esports enthusiasts who follow Dota2.

There are now many tournaments and events where, esports teams compete for whopping prize pools, reaching into the millions of dollars.  One such tournament is the annually held International.

How to Bet on Dota2

DOTA 2 has a strong following worldwide and has fostered a highly competitive gaming scene. As mentioned earlier, it is now being played in different parts of the globe like a professional sport, with tournaments being put up that’s dedicated to the game. Great teams and players are treated like rock stars, and they earn enough money from playing to earn a beyond-decent living.

Due to the popularity of DotA 2, it wasn’t long until a thriving betting environment catering to this game gets created. Just like other popular video games turned Esports such as Counterstrike and StarCraft, systems are dedicated to providing Dota 2 betting opportunities for gamers and fans. Are you intrigued on how you can become a successful bettor in this game? Here are some tips that we can share for you: 

It is important that you only do your betting transactions on a legitimate booking company. There are still cases wherein fraudulent betting sites successfully rip off unwitting gamblers of their hard-earned money. For your own safety, make sure to only place bets on betting sites, bookmakers, and sportsbooks that have a positive track record. It will be even better if they have a valid betting license for your full confidence.

After all, in an ideal world, any serious bookie would be licensed to operate legally. Check out all the best betting sites

While some would argue that gambling is generally a game of chance, it also takes skill to make the right bets. Perhaps the most important skill you can develop when betting on DOTA 2 matches (and on any sport in general) is to build your game knowledge. You have to know how the game works, how matches usually unfold, and how to determine which team has the better chance of winning. 

This means you should take time to watch the matches and know the teams and players competing. That way, you can make calculated risks on the Dota 2 betting spread.

Bets tend to change on a match-to-match basis. There are matchups where a particular team is considered as the heavy favourite to win, while there are other matchups where both squads are evenly matched. It is important that you study each match before placing a bet on them. There are certain matchups where Dota 2 betting on one side is considered safe, while there are other matches where there is a very strong upset potential. Again, game knowledge comes very handy here.

One of the best things about sports is that things tend to be very dynamic. Just because one team is considered to be favoured on paper doesn’t mean that it would win 100%. There are factors to consider that will tilt matchups in favour or against one side, even if the odds say otherwise.

For example, teams that added new players generally have a hard time winning, even if they have a strong lineup on paper. Also, some teams match up favourably well against specific teams. Lastly, some teams might be in better form than others.

It is important that you bet smart at all times. It is not easy to do, as our emotions tend to get in the way sometimes. Bettors tend to make the most mistakes either when they are feeling lucky too much after a hot streak or when they are feeling a little desperate after losing consecutive matches. It is important that with each bet, you always keep your head in the game.

Take time to choose the side that’s more logical to win and yield a profit. Look at the odds, evaluate the rewards compared to the risk, and allocate money to a spread appropriately.

So how exactly do you go about finding the ideal esports bets? 

The first step in betting on esports is realising what kind of game you’re betting on. League of Legends? Dota 2? Here are some of the most popular games that people bet on:











Specific games have certain ways of being played, and thus there are different ways of betting on each.

Decided to finally bet?

Esports betting is a complex market. There are many things you need to understand – from the video game itself to the players to the process of betting with a site, it is a busy and massive industry.

But at the end of the day, it’s just another market. It has its vulnerabilities and its shields. In a way though, it is far different than any other industry. Once upon a time, video games were just games. Who knew that games would give birth to a whole new sport, and a whole new form of gambling? Who knew that you could profit off magic spells and fictional characters?

But alas, the industry has shaped itself- and it continues to evolve.