A Beginner’s Guide to Esports Betting

Bet Smart and Earn Big.  You can earn a lot of money through esports betting! This review will help you learn the ropes, get the best tips, and know which mistakes to avoid, so you can boost your chances of winning.

Have you heard of the esports industry?

There are millions of gamers, gaming aficionados, and esports fanatics all over the world. Esports has become a popular hobby as well as a booming market for betting.

More and more people are becoming interested in esports betting because it is simple. You just need a small amount of money, a bit of background on the game, and some courage. That’s the recipe for a shot at winning and making it big.

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Still a beginner at Esports Betting?

Esports betting is all about the value of entertainment. People become more engaged watching an online match when they place a bet. Before you get on to the tips and tricks of the world of esports betting, here is a brief account of where the industry all began.

People have been betting on all kinds of sports for the past century. Betting was different then as there was no Internet; wagers were placed using bookmakers.

Traditional betting was unpretentious—you place your bet, the bookmakers take your money/wager, then you get paid when you win. Today, the online betting sites function the same way.

Back then, people could only place wagers on mainstream sports. At the present time, there are countless betting options and sports wherein people can place bets of all kinds. This includes professional video gaming.  You may be surprised—but yes, video gaming is considered a sport.

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Esports Origins

Esports, or electronic sports, is an unconventional form of the usual sport. Video gaming started in the 1950s and gained popularity in the 70s. With the emergence of newer technology and the Internet, video games have become more advanced, more interesting, and more aggressive.

Video gaming has always been competitive in nature. Do you remember the arcade games where you would put in coin after coin in order to play? Your goal was to get a high score so that your name will be on the leaderboard. This competitive nature has spilled over to the more organized esports.

With video gaming, everything is about skill and winning. The first major competition was the National Space Invaders Championship. It was organized by Atari in the U.S. and it more than 10,000 came to participate.

Soon, big tournaments followed and video gaming was recognized as an organized sport. Because of the Internet, more and more people were able to play against competitors around the world. The Internet also made it possible to organize large-scale, competitive contests via live streaming. Such competitions even attracted sponsorships and gained media mileage.

Esports Evolution

With its popularity, the term “electronic sports or esports” was used to describe professional tournaments, leagues and competitions that were held regularly. Soon enough, the video gaming scene gained traction and credibility and was considered a rightful pro sport.

The development of esports has, of course, brought with it a lot of betting activities. Each year, during esports competitions, the stakes get higher and higher. There is a growing interest on esports betting across the globe.

A great deal of this rising interest hail from people who are just getting accustomed to esports and betting. If you are one of these people, then read on to gain a lot of knowledge on how to get started on esports betting. It can be both an entertaining and profitable undertaking.

Ever since the first major esports betting market was launched in 2010, the growth of the industry has been widespread. It seems that esports betting is not a simple fad or fleeting craze. If you really want to make it big on esports betting, complement your luck with betting smart.

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Getting Started on Esports Betting

If you have never bet on esports before, the best way to learn it is to actually do it. Don’t worry, the bet types are upfront. There are simple rules to follow when you choose your deposit and place your wager.

Different types of ESPORTS BETTING

There are different ways you can bet on esports: social betting, real money betting, challenge betting, fantasy esports and skin & item betting. Social betting is the most common esports betting option. However, it also provides the most risk.

With social betting, people make private wagers with other people. The bets are often between strangers. Since you don’t know the people you wager with, there is a chance of getting ripped off.

If it is your first time, it is good to place wagers with a couple of your friends. The problem with this option is that even if there is little money at stake, friends can fall out over some misunderstandings over the simplest things and have silly arguments. It’s not worth losing your friendship over a few bucks, is it?

Meanwhile, challenge betting is for the skilled gamer. Betting happens between two gamers that compete against each other. If you are not a gamer and it’s your first time to bet on esports, this will not work for you.

Real money betting, on the other hand, is the best way to bet. It is betting on fixed odds.  It is fun, simple, easy to learn, and can give you the most returns.

Real money betting is the same as fixed odds betting on traditional sports. But with esports, real money betting means you will wager on the outcome of the event instead of the sport.

Fantasy esports and skin & item betting are also good options because you have the potential to earn bigger money. However, if you are a newbie to esports betting, you will need to make time to understand how these two work before you can really benefit.

As a beginner, it is advisable to focus on one type of betting option. When you get the hang of it, you can move on and try the others.

Are you ready to get started? Here are five important tips for people betting for the first time:

Remember to choose a trustworthy betting operator. Ensure that it is a reliable betting site before you deposit your money or give your credit card number. A reputable esports betting site offers a lot of esports matches and events. It should have a good portfolio of pre-match and live betting markets.

To know which esports you can bet on, ask yourself: are you already a fan of esports or you are entirely new to it? If you are a fan, you will be familiar with some of the well-known esports games. A good tip is to bet on the game that you already know much about so that you have a good chance of making a good betting decision.

Set achievable goals; You will most likely earn money easily but that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to win big all the time. Your initial objective should be to learn and progressively improve. After gaining experience, you can set greater goals.

Always enjoy yourself; If you focus on having fun as a beginner, you have a great possibility of learning more about the game and betting options. You will be more patient and you will learn to take things seriously as time goes by.

If you are new to esports in general, you won’t be able to immediately make informed decisions that will lead to good profit. The best strategy is to pick the most popular games and bet on them. The most popular games are the following:

In summary, you should remember that making profits through esports betting can only be done by developing your skills. It takes time, patience, effort, and practice. It takes wisdom to avoid seemingly common mistakes.

The importance of developing a strategy cannot be overstated. Here are the best esports partners for you:

Do's and Don’ts for Esports Betting

Are you serious about being a successful esports bettor? It is good to develop your own tactics, avoid common mistakes and get some advance tips after you understand basic strategies. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of esports betting:


Study about the teams and the market position so you can make an informed judgment.

You need someone who is fair and will manage your bets objectively. You will gain better odds with a bookmaker that works with low margins and actually releases payments for winning bets.

Which staking method will you use? This will determine your betting level. Remember, a good better needs finances so he can place bets.

After you do a comprehensive research, it is in your best interest to adhere to what you know about teams, market conditions and the game. This will lead to better profits.

Trends change, so make sure that you evaluate the positive and negative outcomes with your bookmaker.


It is more challenging to earn profit when you place wagers on too many games.

You may have a favorite team, but you should not make bets blinded by your devotion to them. You will make better profits when you follow information.

Often, new esports bettors will wager on high odds. But they don’t always guarantee a profit.

Some people think that when Team 1 beats Team 2 and Team 2 already beat Team 3, Team 1 will naturally beat Team 3 so they will bet on Team 1. It is not always true.

There will be good times and there will be not-so-good times. Do not give up when the odds are not in your favor. 

The esports industry is a rich market—and it will only grow richer in the coming years. With a lot of money pouring in from gamers, enthusiasts, fans and sponsors, don’t you want to try your hand at fortune? Bet smart, earn big—you may be the next millionaire! 

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