CSGO Match Betting

Esports are video games played by pro gamers that compete against each other. The fact of the unpredictability of what happens in tournaments makes csgo match betting all the more exciting and enjoyable for you to watch live, while also placing your best esports bets online

Esports betting is the latest online phenomenon, in fact, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is one of the most popular video games featured in prestigious matches. EsportsOnly has listed the best CSGO match betting sites for you to wager together with the best chances while also giving you access to watch the live tournaments.

Most CSGO match betting sites do their homework, researching about teams, their winning statistics and so much more, to give you the best odds around. Most platforms provide you with exclusivity to watch live streaming of esports tournaments so you will not miss out on any of the intense action. 

Gamers are rewarded money according to their achievements in the round that that would have just played for 45 minutes. With that cash, the squad can purchase weapons and other items which may be of use during the shootout which helps implement strategy and tactics to win a game hopefully.  

Live Match Betting on Esports

Aside from placing wagers way before the esports tournament begins, you can set your best CSGO match betting live. If you do opt for this kind, you need to be tuned in to see the live Counter-Strike action so that you can make a better decision and see what may be the potential result. On a suitable stake, you have more opportunity to wager on like never before, whether you will use a risk-free bet or CSGO betting.

CSGO Match Betting on Live Events

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Many gambling sites offer CSGO match betting; it is up to you to choose which online platform attracts you the most, aside from feeling comfortable to use. Whether it is the best betting odds, great promotions, a wide choice of Counter-Strike events or other esports games, latest news on social media and so much more. Most bookmaker sites offer the facility of an online streaming service so you will not miss out on any of the action and support your favourite team in the hopes of winning the esports event. 

Sometimes you will find that the odds on CSGO matches differ from one esports betting site to another for the simple reason that a bookmaker may have more updated information about upcoming competitions. There are esports gambling sites that would prefer to offer you better odds on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to attract your attention as an online bettor. For the best chances, a slight difference in bet price will be implemented to attract new customers. Other factors that could affect the odds also include the performance of the esports team in the ongoing tournament as well as if there were any changes in the unit’s roster.

By placing an early wager, the chances are that you could lose your bet. In fact, you limit yourself from knowing the latest information about a particular team, and due to this, you cannot amend the CSGO match betting once it is done.

CSGO Match Betting Tips

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Some experienced bettors go by a set of tips and tricks to help them achieve a successful bet. Here are some noteworthy hints: 

The obvious thing you do first is deciding which of the two esports squads you think will win the CSGO match. 

If you are new to this type of competitive gaming sport, then it goes without saying that you need to do some research, familiarise yourself with the esports games. Then you search for current professional teams and players, for if there happens to be a roster change, for example, it could be that the team will lose. Most CSGO match betting sites have some background on esports teams as well as a few predictions to help you out.

Remember that the more you know about pro teams and gamers, the better your chances to win a bet. Ultimately, the final decision is yours to take. 

If you are one of those who just started wagering, your instinct will probably tell you to try betting frequently. However, most bettors resort to waiting for matches with better chances, knowing about the teams for it is better to make your best CSGO match betting when you are confident and sure of what you are doing, you will win small prizes.

Live commentary from the professional esports analysts during the game can give you a lot of insight on strategy, players, teams and so much more. You can see how esports squads use their strengths and quick thinking to counter the opposing unit.

The ongoing commentary gives the possibility to understand what is going on in the game which will help you figure out the CSGO match betting options. 

Negative emotion cannot turn into a positive with a flick of your hand. If you feel frustrated and furious, do not bet, plain and simple. Your emotions will take over, clouding your judgement on top of this, you will lose your stake.

The results of the past tournaments will show you statistics of how many matches the squad has won.

There are many reasons why a professional team wins or loses. Perhaps a top esports player won the MVP of an event that helped his unit win.

  • Was there a change in players maybe a few stand-ins, has the team improved on their performance, consistency and communication?

  • How recently did the team travel to participate in the CSGO event? Or maybe players tend to suffer from jetlag and long trips that could affect the gamer’s performance.
CSGO Match Betting on Esports Events

One of the most popular esports games around the world is in fact, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With so many tournaments taking place across the globe, all year round, you are spoilt for choice. Below is a list of the prestigious matches so that you can plan out your betting habits all through the year, to hopefully win small prizes with CSGO.

World Electronic Sports Games


The CSGO event is also known as WESG, a tournament that starts with regional matches in November until February. The date of the main esports festival may vary from year to year; however, WESG 2017 took place in March 2018 in Haikou, China. This match is watched by many Counter-Strike fans, giving you an idea, which are the best teams competing from different regions. 

Eleague Major

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This CSGO match is usually held in January of every year, followed by millions of CS fans from the four corners of the world that watch live streaming of the Eleague tournament. The event is held in Atlanta and Boston offering a prize pool that has reached a total of a whopping $1 million. 

ESL Pro League

ESL Pro League esportsonly.com

The ESL Pro League Finals take place in Spring round about May, offering a prize pool of $750K. 2018 marks the 7th season where apart from the qualifying matches in Europe and North America, two more regions, South America and the Asia Pacific who also earned slots to participate in the gaming festival, which makes betting all the more fun and exciting.

DreamHack Masters

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A CSGO tournament that takes place twice a year and so far has taken place in Las Vegas, Malmo and Marseille. Another upcoming DH Masters match will be in Stockholm held between the 29th aug and 2nd September. 16 professional teams participate to prove to the gaming world who are the masters of CSGO, topping the leaderboards as the best esports team.

Intel Extreme Masters

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IEM is a series of international esports events that are held every year across countries from the four corners of the world. Since 2006, Intel sponsors the CSGO competitions, in fact, the best of IEM matches took place in Oakland, Gyeonggi, Katowice, more recently in Sydney and may CSGO fans and online esports bettors will be looking forward to seeing top Counter strike teams at best in Shanghai from the 1st till 6th August. May the best squad win.



Electronic Sports League organise Counter-Strike events all seasons every year. The countries that ESL One visited include New York, Cologne and Belo Horizonte. Many esports like to follow this series of CSGO events, the fight to the finish is worth watching.  

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular first-person shooter games around the world. You cannot have heard about esports without the mention of Counter-Strike, and this is why many CSGO match betting sites have included the game with their best wagering options.

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