The Summit 6

BTS organised The Summit 6 which was held from the 16th November till 20th November. Beyond the Summit, a media company in California was founded […]

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The Summit 6

From: 2016-11-16
To: 2016-11-20
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Wings Gaming

The Wings GamingWingsW'ingsWings.Blue

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Digital CDCChaos

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Evil Geniuses

EGEvil Geniuses

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VirtusProVPVirtus Pro

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Team NP


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Prize Pool

Grand total: $88,000.00

The Summit 6

BTS organised The Summit 6 which was held from the 16th November till 20th November. Beyond the Summit, a media company in California was founded to set up and host many prestigious tournaments, in fact, The Summit 6 is the sixth event taking place in a series of LAN tournaments.


The talented Chinese team of five players created in 2014 was invited to participate in The Summit 6. Their gaming strategies and efforts have won the squad fourth place winning $10K beating Team NP and Chaos.


One of the oldest esport American companies created since 1999, were invited to take part in the Summit 6. Since their recent performance in The International 2016, coming third, EG has become a favourite.


The professional NA Dota 2 team performed well, placing second in The International 2016, they were proud to be invited to next big tournament, The Summit 6. In the Quarterfinals of this tournament, Chaos was tested and tried losing to Team OG. Given a second chance to play in the Losers round they won over Team Faceless.


The performance at The Summit 6 proved to be a success with the latest additions to the team last August.  The two key players are Ana, the talented mid laner and s4 in his new offlane role, their strong gameplay and perseverance won various renowned squads like Chaos and won twice against Evil Geniuses that led them to the finals against Virtus.Pro.


The Chinese squad qualified to participate in The Summit 6 but was beaten in the Quarterfinals by NA squad EG. As in the past Dota 2 matches, EHOME struggled against the strong Virtus.Pro and were eliminated early in the event.


The new team formed on the 3rd September 2016 went through in the SouthEast Asia Qualifiers. They beat Fnatic and Power Gaming along the way to the Quarterfinals but were soon eliminated by Evil Geniuses.


A leading Russian esport team has had quite a few successful seasons in the EPICENTER 2016, ESL One: New York and many others. The European qualifying units, VP have two key gamers RAMZES666 and No[o]ne that have toppled famous squads like Team Secret, EHOME and Wings Gaming. Reaching the finals, Virtus. Pro have beaten OG twice and are The Summit 6 Champions.


Just after The International 2016, an American team was formed on the 7th September 2016, by the unit’s captain, EternalEnVy. The squad NP had a place in the quarterfinals since Team Secret withdrew from The Summit 6. Although their gameplays were stable and consistent with an element of surprise, NP lost to Wings Gaming and Evil Geniuses.

The Summit 6 invited eight teams to battle it out for a prize pool of $100,000 which was distributed among the four top squads, Virtus. Pro, OG, Evil Geniuses and Wings Gaming.