FaZe Clan is an American esports organization that was founded in 2010 by Nordan Shat, Yousef Abdelfattah, Thomas Oliveira and Richard Bengtson. The gaming company supports three professional teams that specialise in CS: GO and Overwatch as well as Call of Duty for which Faze Clan is famous.

CS:GO Lineup

faze Clan CSGO

FaZe Clan’s CS: GO roster is made up of five players, rainGuardiaN, karrigan, Olofmeister and NiKo. They have attended various prestigious tournaments such as ESL Pro Leagues, Dreamhack Bucharest, Starladder i-League and many more. The latest event they attended was iBUYPOWER Masters 2016 where they won against Renegades, placing third to fourth to win a prize of $12,500. Their highest reward they received was $40K at the ELEAGUE, competing against Mousesports. According to Gosugamers, FaZe Clan CS team ranks the fifth in the world and fifth place in Europe.