Godsent is a Swedish esports company which was formed in April 2016 by a former Fnatic CS: GO player Pronax following the example of Astralis. In November 2016, the company expanded to create a new unit Godsent academy specializing in CS: GO.




CS:GO Lineup

Godsent CSGO roster

In November 2016, the Godsent created a team specializing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The squad started out with professional players like Pronax, znajder, and Lekro together with former fnatic gamers JW and flusha that formed part of the Godsent CS: GO roster. Since these cyber athletes have played together before, coordinating different playstyles and strategies was the key to getting results in prestigious matches.

Their great achievement was finishing in first place at the European Minor Championship – Atlanta 2017, scooping a prize pool of $30K. Their most recent CS: GO match in January 2017 was at IEM XI – World Championship EU open qualifiers winning against Mortal Kombat 2:1.

Since then, Godsent had gone through a few roster changes and have signed on pro players, twist, disco doplan, freddieb, hampus and Brollan to make up the current CSGO roster and together will take their gaming to new heights.