• CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO Betting Sites

Counterstrike has become one of the fastest growing esports games ever. CSGO betting has also become increased steadily since focused esports betting companies have begun following and sponsoring big esports tournaments.

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Why Are CSGO Betting Sites A Great Choice To Place Your Bets?

The game is a great choice for players and spectators alike because of its fast-paced action, while the more strategically-inclined gamers are interested in reviewing the tactics that gave their favourite players or teams a victory. Those who enjoy collecting or viewing firearms could also appreciate the game for its detail and customization with regards to weapon skins and varieties.

Competition and violence are and always will be a part of human nature, so it can be quite safe to say that these games will not be going away anytime soon. Wars, economics, politics—these can all be traced to the simple fact that life always has its winners and its losers.

As one of the more established and renowned first-person shooter games, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, CS:GO for short, is a popular choice for an eSport game. As in the classic release of the Counter-Strike series and every other incarnation of the game after it, a team of Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists fight to gain control of the map or fulfil one of the chosen mission objectives for the round.


So, it comes as no surprise to anyone that this need for competition and violence has evolved along with technology. Now, players can sit at home in peace while they shoot at each other from behind the screen and scream bloody murder when their in-game self falls to the ground, gunned down by someone faster, sneakier, more clever, or simply lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. 

1462964248.2402But that’s not all; it’s not just the need to dominate that drives the gaming industry these days. Only recently has it become possible to actually make a living not just making games, but by being exceptionally skilled players of these games.

Enter eSports, an official domain where these players are treated as all-star athletes, each an expert in a specific game, just as MVPs are renowned for their signature sport. In the past decade, the media attention and viewer enthusiasm surrounding eSports have elevated the field into a spectacle. And of course, where there is a spectacle, there is money to be made.

Counter-Strike Betting and Esports

Teams that take part in official eSports events and championships can expect to take home a handsome amount of cash if they manage to win the competition. With prizes ranging from 250,000 USD to even 1,410,000 USD, there is a lot at stake for those who take an active part in the world of eSports. To protect the integrity of the competition as well as to make sure that the standards of the game are up to par, serious measures are taken to prevent cheating. 

1465486767.3191However, like physical sports or competitions that deal with remarkable sums of money, measures are also taken to curb the prevalence of fixed matches. CS:GO itself, as well as other games that are part of the eSports roster, is one way to make a decent amount of money—in a relatively quick timeframe if one knows how to take advantage of the betting pools that are formed whenever competitions take place.

Advice and tips for betting on CSGO

Prospective bettors often do extensive research on the teams they pick to place their money on, much of which deals with the players’ statistics in previous games, as well as how they work together with their teammates. For those who are more seasoned or serious about making money, or at least keen on minimising losses from miscalculations in bets, there are many other factors to consider.


The Tier, or skill level, of the competing teams, are also analysed, as this tells a lot about how handicapped a team will be in a match. Another aspect that bettors watch out for is the playstyle of their team; some teams capitalise on their members’ technical skills, which in the case of CS:GO, means their accuracy in aiming and their knowledge of the map. Other teams make heavier use of teamwork and communication to make quick work of their opponents, while many teams strike a balance between the two strategies.

Between Rumor and Fact

For the uninitiated or those unfamiliar with the world of eSports and gaming, it might surprise them to discover the complexity of the economics of this side of the industry.

It is reminiscent of even the stock market, where global sentiments and low-key technological warfare can affect the economic gains of a country. Here in eSports betting, the sentiments of the gamer community towards a player or a team could also make huge differences in bets or, if it escalates, even the outcome of a match. 

Perpetuating rumours surrounding the conditions of a player before a major match could skew bets, whether true or false and those who are clever and savvy enough to distinguish between rumour and fact could stand to gain a larger sum than if the rumour had not spread at all.

Things that could affect your bets

International online competitions that take place can also be manipulated through DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, which force attacked players to leave the game due to lag and connection problems. The player that replaces them might be less skilled or experienced, which could also spell the outcome of a game.

In a fast-paced first-person shooter like CS:GO, each delay or mistake could cost the team not just a map, but the game series itself, especially if the mishaps begin to diminish their morale and strain their efforts to move and work as a team.

For gamers who are curious to try their hand at eSports betting, it would be best to familiarise themselves with the terms used within the user community of their chosen game. Various FAQ guides are readily available on Reddit communities and gaming forums. And if real currencies are involved, it the prospective bettor would do well to check for secure transactions and make sure to bet only small amounts as experimental learning steps. Scams by unscrupulous users are not rare if one is not careful; and as in any real-life investment, gamers must take care to be savvy in this aspect of the gaming community if they wish to take an active part in it.