• CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO Betting Sites

At Esportsonly we compare the best esports odds for all csgo tournaments. Here you will find the best csgo betting sites our partners have to offer. As one of the most popular esports games, csgo is not only played by some of the best esports teams and esports players around but have some of the biggest prize pools in esports.

Through our portal, EsportsOnly.com, we only list the best CSGO skin betting sites around. These gaming platforms have been tested and reviewed by professional gaming staff for you to enjoy your journey winning super Counter-Strike skins.

CSGO Betting Sites

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Why Are CSGO Betting Sites A Great Choice To Place Your Bets?

The game is a great choice for players and spectators alike because of its fast-paced action. The more strategically-inclined gamers are interested in reviewing the tactics that give their favourite players or teams, a victory. Those who enjoy collecting or viewing firearms could also appreciate the Counter-Strike game for its attention to detail and customization with regards to weapon skins and varieties.

Competition and violence are and always will be a part of human nature, so it can be quite safe to say that these esports games will not be going away anytime soon. Wars, economics, politics—these can all be traced to the simple fact that life always has its winners and its losers.

As one of the more established and renowned first-person shooter games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO for short, is a popular choice for an esports game. As in the classic release of the Counter-Strike series and every other incarnation of the game after it, a team of Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists fight to gain control of the map or fulfil one of the chosen mission objectives to win the round.


So, it comes as no surprise to anyone that this need for competition and violence has evolved along with technology. Now, players can sit at home in peace while they shoot at each other from behind the screen and scream bloody murder when their in-game persona falls to the ground, gunned down by someone faster, sneakier, more clever, or simply lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.


But that’s not all; it’s not just the need to dominate that drives the gaming industry these days. Only recently has it become possible to actually make a living not just making games, but by being exceptionally skilled players of these video games.

Enter Esports, an official domain where these players are treated as all-star athletes, each an expert in a specific game, just as MVPs are renowned for their signature sport. In the past decade, the media attention and viewer enthusiasm surrounding Esports have elevated the field into a spectacular event. And of course, where there is a spectacle, there is money to be made with the best CSGO betting sites. 

The Best CSGO Betting Sites

We understand that many online bettors like you have different demands. This is why we offer a choice of the best CSGO betting sites, these include:

Our partner reviews are based on several aspects, the simple registration process, the welcoming bonuses, choice of transactions, efficient customer support and the best odds. We provide you with the information but ultimately it is your decision with which CSGO betting site you subscribe to.


How can you go ahead and start betting if you encounter a problem along the way? It is for this reason that we have taken into account, how helpful, fast and efficient the customer support is towards their users. The availability of the support team is vital because delays in replies could cause potential online bettors to opt out of the membership. The majority of our partners are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or alternatively during office hours. You could contact them through their contact form via email, speak to them on the phone, send messages via live chat sessions or their social media pages, keeping up to date with their latest esports news.

Live streams of Esports matches

For every online gaming operator reviewed, we consider the variety of esports games available for you to wager on as well as the coverage of minor competitions like ESEA and prestigious tournaments like Eleague. Better yet, our professional partners are offering the best odds around, going that extra mile to bring you an entertaining and exciting betting experience. Do not forget to watch as much Counter-Strike as you can to understand what is going on in-game. Familiarize yourself with the technical CS terms that are often said in the commentary by professional analysts and commentators.


EsportsOnly.com has you covered with live streams of matches, even better the best CSGO betting sites also give you exclusive access to follow online the ongoing tournaments. So while you are watching the exciting event, you could place your live Counter-Strike bets, especially if it happens to be your favourite team that is competing. Once you have placed your wagers, all you can do from that moment on is wait and see what happens, results can change up until the very last second.


Apart from the esports tournament coverage and friendly support team, what also attracts your attention is the advantageous promotions on offer. Operators want to encourage you to become a member with them, giving you a welcome bonus to help you save money to start betting on CSGO. Some partners have the option that on your first few deposits, you will receive free bets, even better risk-free, in case you lose a wager, you will still win a small cash prize. 

Advice and tips for betting on CSGO

Prospective bettors often do extensive research on the participating teams they pick to place their money on. Decisions on who to wager are mostly based on the players’ statistics in previous games, as well as how they work together with their teammates. For those who are more seasoned or serious about making money, or at least keen on minimizing losses from miscalculations in bets, there are many other factors to consider.


The Tier, or skill level, of the competing teams, are also analyzed, as this says a lot about the drawbacks a team will have in a match. Another aspect that bettors watch out for is the playstyle of their team; some teams capitalize on their members’ technical skills, which in the case of CS: GO, means their accuracy in aiming and their knowledge of the map. Other teams make heavier use of teamwork and communication to make quick predictions of their opponents, while many units strike a balance between the two strategies with the hopes of winning the match.

Perpetuating rumours that surround the condition of an esports player before a major match could skew bets. Whether true or false, those who are clever and savvy enough to distinguish between gossip and fact could stand to gain a larger sum than if the hearsay had not spread at all.

Things that could affect your bets

International online competitions that take place can also be manipulated through DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, which force attacked players to leave the game due to lag and connection problems. The player that replaces them might be less skilled or experienced, which could also spell the outcome of a game. 

In a fast-paced first-person shooter like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, each delay or mistake could cost the team not just a map, but the game series itself. On top of this, mishaps begin to diminish their morale and strain their efforts to move on and work as a team.

For gaming enthusiasts who are curious to try their hand wagering through the CSGO betting sites, would be best to familiarize themselves with the terms used within the user community of their chosen game. Various FAQ guides are readily available on Reddit communities and gaming forums. If real currencies are involved, the prospective bettor would do well to check the best CSGO betting sites for secure transactions and make sure to bet only small amounts as experimental learning steps. Scams by unscrupulous users are not rare if one is not careful; and as in any real-life investment, gamers must take care to be savvy in this aspect of the gaming community if they wish to take an active part in it.

Counter-Strike Betting and Esports

Teams that take part in official esports events and championships can expect to take home a handsome amount of cash if they manage to win the competition. With prizes ranging from 250,000 USD to even 1,410,000 USD, there is a lot at stake for those who take an active part in the world of esports. To protect the integrity of the competition as well as to make sure that the standards of the game are up to par, serious measures are taken to prevent cheating. 

1465486767.3191However, like physical sports or competitions that deal with remarkable sums of money, measures are also taken to curb the prevalence of fixed matches. CS: GO itself, as well as other games that are part of the eSports roster, is one way to make a decent amount of money—in a relatively quick timeframe if one knows how to take advantage of the betting pools that are formed whenever competitions take place.

Best CSGO Case Opening Sites 

csgo weapon skins

Back in 2013, Valve decided to add skins to online casino games. The simplest way for players to acquire CSGO skins was by opening cases, which led them to buy case keys. This idea had proved to be quite profitable for Valve, however, the Counter-Strike skin itself was worth much less. In 2016, many third-party CSGO skin gambling sites offered opening cases at a reduced price with the best chances of winning. Today, millions of players worldwide are into CSGO skin betting, where case opening has become so popular for winning rare in-game items. 

Although CSGO betting sites look convincingly fun to play casino games online, there have been reports that some Counter-Strike case opening sites scam bettors with dishonest practices. Through our portal, EsportsOnly.com, you can be assured that we list the best CSGO skin betting sites around. These gaming platforms have been tested and reviewed by professional gaming staff for you to enjoy your journey winning rare Counter-Strike skins.


Is there a market for CSGO Skin Betting? 

CS GO Skins knives

With the ever-increasing popularity of Counter-Strike, thousands of esports fans are into CSGO skin gambling nearly every single day. Research and statistics have shown that in 2016, a total of $5 billion worth of skins were wagered even though there was a Valve gambling scandal that same year. This result has shown that CSGO skin betting is here to stay, as it was popular in the past, this CSGO gaming trend will keep on going into the future.


CSGO Casino Games 


Aside from Counter-Strike betting on esports tournaments, you have the option to play online CS themed casino games such as Roulette, Coinflip, Jackpot and Crash supported by the best CSGO skin gambling sites around. The fun and action of Casino is here to stay, engaging you in CSGO Skin betting.   


CSGO Roulette

 CSGO roulette

This classic casino game can be played through many CSGO gambling sites. The aim of CSGO Roulette is to predict the number where the ball will land on in the spinning wheel which could win you a quick cash prize. You can make several CSGO skin betting on a series of numbers, even or odd and selecting one of three colours, red, green or black. The layout of CSGO roulette is different but the gameplay concept is the same.


CSGO Coinflip

csgo coinflip 02

This is the easiest game, CSGO Coinflip, that is featured on some of the best CS skin gambling sites around. All you have to do is put in a CS skin and pick a side, whether its Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists, much like heads or tails on a coin. If you manage to predict which side comes facing up, you will have a 50% chance of winning the CSGO Coinflip round, doubling up your cash rewards.      

 csgo coinflip 01

CSGO Jackpot

CSGO jackpot 

The CSGO Jackpot is an exciting game that is based on your luck of predicting random numbers much like a lottery, which could turn a small reward into a grand prize. To play the lotto game, you need to put a number of CS skins and the random generator picks out a winner. The higher the CS skin value added in the pot means the chance will be higher that a player will win the whole lot. All in all, the CSGO Jackpot is a game of luck and competition between gamers who bet with the priciest CSGO Skins. 


CSGO Crash 

CSGO Crash 

CSGO Crash is all about taking high risks that could win you cash prizes, which is it is not as popular on CSGO skin gambling sites. To participate you will need to deposit CS skins so as to place your best CSGO Crash bets in a timeframe of 15 to 20 seconds by guessing where the multiplier will stop rising in the grid. All you need to remember is that the aim of the game is to withdraw your cash before the 'crash'.  

CSGO Crash may seem simple to play; however, the risks are high at any given time. Usually, the multiplier reaches 1.0 or perhaps 2.0, however you could risk a CS bet with the multiplying rate increasing to 10.01, 20.02 and maybe reaching 100.03, which is a rare probability. When the outcome is the number you guessed, you have to cash out in time so that your bet will be multiplied by the numeral you chose. Timing is of the essence for if you do not withdraw quick enough, you lose the wager as the rate will most likely 'crash', hence the name CSGO Crash.  


CSGO Poker

 CSGO poker

The card game, Poker has been around for centuries and has found a way to strive in the latest trends of online gaming. All fans of CSGO and Poker have come together united, playing by the rules with the aim, that whoever finishes with the best hand, will win the whole pot. In CSGO Poker, you put in CS skins while acquiring coins and depending on the skin value, you get to wager and wear your poker face in the hopes of having the best cards.  


CSGO Poker is a strategical card game where you have the opportunity to improvise and bluff, confusing your opponents with your wit for your chance to win the pot, winning CSGO skins in the process. Are you the poker player who will bring the full house down?


CSGO Blackjack 

 CSGO Blackjack

Having been around for centuries, Blackjack is another popular card game that has found its way into the online gaming culture. CSGO Blackjack never ceases to amaze with the simple rule of adding your cards to 21 or else you bust. Participating in this game, you could place your best CSGO skin betting to win and acquire better skins than you had, when you started, on the other hand, there is also a risk that you could lose your wager.  

CSGO Blackjack is a card game that is full of smart strategy and focus while also figuring out the dealer's cards. This game is not about how lucky you are as the odds will certainly not be in your favour but about how good you are guessing and anticipating hands. What will it take for you to win CSGO Blackjack?