MIBR or better known as Made in Brazil is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team that competes for the North American region. Immortals acquired the MIBR CSGO team, who announced their new roster of former SK Gaming players on the 23rd June. 

CS:GO Lineup

Former SK Gaming team MIBR Immortals2

Some history into the former CSGO team SK Gaming that consists of five experienced players who were the originally a part of Luminosity. For a few months last year, the SK CS: GO team were ranked first in the Counter-Strike scene according to HLTV.org. MIBR CSGO unit consists of FalleN as team captain, fer, coldzera, boltz and their latest addition of Stewie2K from Cloud9.


Their hard work as a unit contributed to the big achievements they have accomplished so far. Their great wins include ESL One Cologne 2016 beating Team Liquid with a score of 2-0, taking home a whopping $500K. Another great accomplishment was at the EPICENTER 2017, beating Virtus. Pro with a record of 3-2, winning a prize of $250K. The Counter-Strike squad have outplayed some top teams such as Virtus. Pro, Faze Clan, Astralis and Cloud9.


The future of the Counter-Strike Team Made in Brazil is bright with their very first tournament, ESL One Cologne 2018, where they will face Renegades. However, if they want to be in the top rankings and keep up, fer and Stewie2K will need to step up their game. They will have to come up with new tactics on how to win as other top CS teams have found a way to predict their moves and counter them.   


In the meantime, MIBR is improving their skills in each map in preparation for the upcoming matches and have adjusted with their new player Stewie2K. Unfortunately, as the SK rankings are now kept by Made in Brazil, they face the likes of top-tier teams like Faze and Astralis, so their training is likely to be more intensive, trying to keep up their gaming levels. Although a new beginning playing for a new team, with their competitive experience you will surely hear about the Made in Brazil CSGO unit.