EnVyUs (NV) is an American eSports organisation that was established in 2007. They have various teams that focus on different video games such as CS:GO, Gears of War, League of Legends, Halo, Smite and Starcraft. They are team that is famous for their Call of Duty successes.


OW Lineup

NV OW team

In February 2016, the European team IDDQD together with Talespin, a former player, signed with EnVyUs, to focus on playing Overwatch. Up to a few months ago, the OW roster included Talespin and Internethulk who both left the squad. The current lineup includes Taimou, Cocco, Chipshajen, Harryhook as well as Mickie and Effect who have recently joined the unit to compete forTeam EnVyUs.

Prize pools the NV squad earned varied from $1,000 to $32,000, placing them in the top three ranks of Major tournaments like BTS Overwatch Cup, OG Invitational, Operational breakout and many more. Their highest prize was won at the Overwatch Apex Season 1 taking home a reward of $87K beating AF.Blue with the score 4:0. 

CS:GO Lineup

NV CSGO unit

EnVyUs CS: GO team has been around for over two years since its creation in February 2015. NV recruited the former roster of LDLC.com who strived towards success such as in the Gfinity Spring Masters I, StarLadder Series, ESL One: Cologne and many more.  


Over the past years, the lineup has had a few changes that included former players shox, KioShiMa, NBK, apEX and kennyS. The latest adjustments in the EnVyUs roster has seen devoduvek leave the team to join Misfits and maLek who joined as their new coach. NV CS:GO lineup consists of Happy as captain, SIXER as well as the latest additions,  Rpk, xms and ScreaM who will continue their reputation as one of the top esports teams. 

LOL Lineup


EnVyUs League of Legends was created in May 2016, acquiring three of the Renegades players Seraph, Ninja and Hakuho and their spot for the LCS Tournament. They showed their competitive nature in their first split but their winning streak did not last long. The squad went through roster changes just before the 2017 Spring Split adding LirA, Apollo and last May, Nisqy and Pirean joined the Boys in Blue.