• Call Of Duty Bet

Call Of Duty Bet

Call of Duty, a first person & multiplayer video game which was created to operate on windows OS and then was also expanded to accommodate play on consoles and mobile devices. This game series was based initially on world war two and then expanded to reflect futuristic world war scenarios, like in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

This recently released fourteenth game in the CoD series was developed by Sledgehammer Games and is centered around an infantry division who fought extremely tough battles on the Western front. The new Call of Duty game series is planned to be released towards the end of 2018. Call of duty has now become and an esports gaming sensation and large prize pool competitions are being held very often, with punters focusing also on call of duty betting. 

Call Of Duty Bet

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Call of Duty Bet

Esports have recently been gaining popularity over the years. Games like Counterstrike, Starcraft and League of Legends have international tournaments followed by a growing audience all over the world. And as eSports grow in popularity, it’s no wonder that betting on these tournaments have also sprung up, as online betting websites take advantage. In the eSports scene, there is one game that is rising rapidly as the up-and-coming ultimate shooter platform, and that is Call of Duty esports. 

What is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is a highly popular first-person shooter game franchise published by Activision. Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games each have developed games for the franchise. It has been released on multiple gaming platforms and handhelds, most prominently for the PlayStation, Xbox and PC. There have been over a dozen games released since it first came out for Microsoft Windows in 2003. The franchise has steadily enjoyed critical acclaim and popularity, with over 250 million units sold and raking over $15 billion. 

COD Ghosts NoMansLand

Call Of Duty Ghosts

Though many games have been released throughout the years, the gameplay at its core remains the same. The games have been set in historical wars, like World War II, to wars in modern times, to wars set in the future. The game is played at first-person, with the player being in control of a soldier with access to various firearms and armor. There are hundreds of weapons available each game, lending variety to a player’s individual play styles. There are various objectives and missions that the player has to complete while taking on enemies and monitoring their health to gain victory. Items are scattered throughout the map to aid the player. Each game also has their own variations on the gameplay with differing features, sometimes improving on previous games or even overhauling them.

Riley CoDoG

Usually, the games are played either in a single player campaign or multiplayer. Single player games have the player go through stages in a campaign with a fixed storyline. Multiplayer games can have up to eight players divided into two teams playing against each other in different maps of their choosing, with different modes on how each match would flow. Each mode has different objectives and rules that must be completed for the team to win the match. Multiplayer games can be done over LAN or over the internet, letting players play with friends. Being able to perform well in the match would give bonuses and boosts to the players. Multiplayer also allows teammates to talk to each other through built-in voice chat for easier communication. 

call duty wwii 4

COD WW2 Ingame Scene

With how widely successful Call of Duty is, there are thousands, if not millions, of players all over the world playing with each other over the internet. Competition in the games had become a staple of the series, its popularity due to the excellent and smooth multiplayer experience.  Further solidifying the competitive scene, even more, was when Activision held its first Call of Duty Championship back in 2013. With a million dollar prize pool, the best teams all over the world were invited. Teams competed regionally until they can step on the stage that is the World Championships. Since then, it has become an annual event, with Call of Duty becoming one of the most well-known first-person shooter competitive eSport in the world. 

Competitive Playing in Call of Duty 

cod wc 2016

COD World League

Competitive play in Call of Duty is showcased in the huge event that is the Call of Duty World League Championship. It continues to grow each year since it first started. Thousands of fans flock to watch the event in huge arenas that are known to be venues of more well-known sports like basketball. Millions more are watching online streams and matches are even televised. It is being treated as a legitimate sport, even having commentators on each match and its players being treated like celebrities. Each year, the audience only grows bigger and bigger as its popularity steadily rises.  The stakes have become higher for the players as well. For the 2017 championship league, the prize pool is a whopping $4 million. It has also attracted the attention of giant corporations like Coca-Cola and American Express, giving their sponsorship to the tournaments.

 COD World League Esports

There would be 32 teams that would get to compete in the championship, the best players of their respective regions. Each team has to go through regional qualifiers to be able to get to the championship. Teams are made up of four members. Anyone eighteen and above may compete, though it is notable that most players are in the 18 to 25-year-old range. The Pro Division is made up of professional eSports teams from three regions, North America, Europe and Asia. The Challenge division is for any new or amateur players who want to try their luck to secure spots for the championship. The first leg of the qualifiers starts out as a league competition before turning into a double elimination knock-out. 

The professional teams take these competitions seriously. Many of them train eight hours a day, improving their teamwork, formulating their strategies and tactics, and memorising every inch of the maps the matches would be set in. Teamwork is crucial to victory, with each one mastering their roles and even changes roles if one of their teammates falls. Teams also research their opponents, learning their playing styles, formulating counter attacks and exploiting their weaknesses. Teams earn World League points based on their performance in the tournaments, and the best teams are guaranteed spots in the Championship. 

esports audience

Like any other eSport on the internet, one can bet on Call of Duty with the dozens of eSports betting websites. However, since Call of Duty has just been gaining popularity, only major Call of Duty tournaments like the mentioned Championships are offered by major sportsbooks. Some of the most popular ones are on Betway, William Hall, Bet365, Pinnacle Sports and others. 

Making Bets on Call of Duty

Before you should start betting though, it would be wise to look at the odds of which team would most likely win. There are many resources on the internet to look at the given odds for the tournament. Many of them are generated from general form and statistics of the differing teams. Though helpful, there are certain things one could do to further increase your chances of winning and to bet on the team most likely to win. 

Call of Duty BOps

Being familiar with the game and how it’s played is already an advantage. Though the casual play is almost entirely different from how it is played on a professional level, being able to understand what is happening during matches would help you compare the performance of the teams. Research a lot on the teams, watch streams of their old matches and take note of teams that have been performing well. With so many teams usually taking part in the tournaments, pinpointing fan favourites and teams that show promise would help you decide on who to put your bets on.

Also, follow the players on social media to glean information that most oddsmakers would not show. With how fast-paced matches are, players, need to be precise and at the top of their form to be able to play effectively. Even the tiniest things could affect a player’s performance, so it would be wise to check if they’re having a bad day or they got caught up in something in the real world. Even just being able to tell that they’re not well-rested and struggling with playing could be a big a factor on who would win. When one of the team doesn’t perform as well as they should, the whole team would suffer. 

cod ghost gameplay

Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare

So now that you have done your due diligence on the odds, it is time to consider what type of bets you would want to stake on. Mainly, bets on Call of Duty are single bets, where you would bet on who would win a single match or event. They usually offer short odds though, especially when one team is greatly favoured to win than the other. It isn’t the most lucrative, unless you spend a great deal of money in betting, thereby increasing risk and reward. Risk big, win big. 

There are also tournament bets, where you would bet on which team you think would outright win the tournament. There might also be bets on how far certain players or teams would reach the tournament. For example, you could bet that a certain team could reach the finals. These bets are recommended more since they offer bigger odds and payouts than the single match bets, even with teams more favoured of winning. You would still even win when your bet ends up second place, so you have a better chance of earning.

COD WW2 WP banner 002

Call of Duty is continuing to emerge as a major eSport that would soon reach the likes of the popularity of League of Legends and Starcraft. It is growing alongside the eSports betting industry, and soon more and more of the industry would cater to those who want to stake their money to their favourite teams in hopes of earning more cash.