CS Summit 4

Beyond the Summit organisers are once again hosting a CSGO event, The CS Summit 4. This tournament is scheduled to take place between the 23rd […]

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CS Summit 4

From: 2019-05-23
To: 2019-05-26
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Grand total: $150,000

CS Summit 4

Beyond the Summit organisers are once again hosting a CSGO event, The CS Summit 4. This tournament is scheduled to take place between the 23rd until 26th May at the Summit House in Los Angeles. Six professional Counter-Strike teams will get to battle it out for a prize pool of $150K. This Counter-Strike series live streams have garnered a lot of viewership online, due to its laid-back approach and the hilarious moments on camera and backstage.

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This CSGO Major event is different from other CS tournaments. Unlike the previous matches in this series instead of featuring eight teams, this time there will be six teams competing in the Counter-Strike matches. On top of this, professional players will take on the role of analysts and commentators explaining what is going on in terms of gameplay, strategies of the teams playing and much more.

History of the CS Summit Series

Made in Brazil team are the former SK Gaming players that won the very first CS_Summit. Many Counter-Strike fans witnessed how SK outplayed Gambit Esports in the Default, Cache and Train CSGO maps with an unbeatable score of 3-1.

At CS Summit 2, the grand finals featured a battle between two North American teams. An intense game where Team Liquid dominated the lower brackets to find themselves in the finals with Cloud 9. Their efforts paid off as Liquid kept up their pace, outplaying C9 with a close score of 3-2.

The third edition of CS Summit saw an energetic American team of NRG take the Counter-Strike Major title. NRG dominated the upper brackets while Optic took over in the lower brackets, both reaching the finals. The battle of the best in CSGO saw how NRG players won over Optic in three maps, Default, Overpass and Mirage, sealing unbeatable score 3-1.

Top CSGO Teams at CS Summit 4

The Counter-Strike Summit will see six esports teams battle it out for the great CSGO Major title. Hailing from the North American Region are three teams, Ghost Gaming, Liquid and NRG. Meanwhile, the three other squads Ence, Renegades and Team Vitality have acquired recent achievements in the esports scene. Below is an overview of the participating teams or you can check out the news section about CS Summit 4 here.

Ghost Gaming

This North American team are slowly making a name for themselves in the esports scene. They have participated in several NA qualifying matches such as Dreamhack Masters Dallas, ECS Season 7 NA Challenger Cup and IEM Sydney. The best recent performance of Ghost Gaming has to be the iBUYPOWER Masters IV placing third, gaining the competitive experience against Astralis. Two other great achievements also include DH Atlanta and ZOTAC Cup Masters finishing between third and fourth place. How do you think they will fare in the CS Summit 4?

Team Vitality

The French Vitality team have been competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since October 2018. Within nearly a month of competing, this CS squad won DreamHack Atlanta in November 2018, beating Luminosity to win $50K. That winning moment was a motivational boost for the unit to continue fighting to the top. Vitality earned a spot at the ESL One Cologne as the best European team outplaying Heroic 2-0. Add to this, they have recently won the Charleroi Esports 2019 Major, beating Sprout 2-0. Vitality seems to have what it takes to win but will they manage to keep up with other top teams like Team Liquid or Ence?


The Australian Renegades have shown the esports scene their capabilities time and time again. The latest tournaments that RNG have participated include the IEM Sydney and IEM Katowice. Some of the most recent notable wins were at the Asia Minor Championship – Katowice 2019, beating Gray Hpind Gaming. On top of this, their participation at the Premier Starseries i-League CSGO Season 7, losing to Natus Vincere with a close score of 1-2.


The American players of NRG have proved their worth in several esports events. Their great strategies helped them reach the Semi-Finals of Esports Championship Series Season 5, ESL One New York 2018, StarSeries & iLeague CSGO Season 6 and Season 7. Add to this was the accomplishment of placing second at the Supernova Malta 2018. Some of their most notable CSGO wins are the Americas Minor Championship – Katowice 2019 beating Furia2-0, at the CS Summit 3 outplaying Optic3-1 and IEM Shanghai dominating over Tyloo with an unbeatable score 2-0. Do you think NRG will take the CS Summit title?


In the past nine months, Ence has made quite a name for themselves. Their presence was felt as the CSGO team dominated to win tournaments such as DreamHack Winter 2018, beating Bravado Gaming. Other notable wins this year is the Europe Minor Championship Katowice 2019 defeating North 2-0 and the latest surprising success of the Blast Pro Series Madrid 2019 dominating over Astralis with a score of 2-0. Will Ence surprise CSGO fans at the CS Summit 4?

Team Liquid

The North Americans of Team Liquid have been the second-best CSGO team after Astralis for several months. Their latest surprising win was at the IEM Sydney where Liquid beat Fnatic with a close score of 3-2. Another great win for Team Liquid was at the iBUYPOWER Masters IV beating Astralis 2-1. More notable achievements were at the Blast Pro Series Miami and Sao Paulo both finishing second place taking home a prize of $50K.