• Rocket League Betting

Rocket League Betting

Rocket League has been considered as an esport by many of the biggest esports organizations in the whole world. The game’s presence in the esports scene is undeniable, and increasing in significance as of the moment.

Rocket League betting has become popular in the esports betting industry because of the quick match length. Each match lasts only five minutes. Rocket League combines the thrill of the game of soccer, with each round not having to drag on for hours. Each game is about four times shorter and faster than a regular game of soccer – making it more irresistible to betting enthusiasts.


Rocket League Betting

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Rocket League Betting

Developed by Psyonix, a video game development studio based in San Diego, Rocket League is a “soccer-vehicular game” that was released in 2015. Prior to Rocket League’s recent success, Psyonix initially released Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars in 2009 – a game which was somewhat similar to the concept of Rocket League. Unfortunately, this game did not catch up to its target audience.

Psyonix, later on, did improvements on the 2009-game. Visual effects, physics of the game, and overall gameplay were enhanced. Hence, Rocket League was born. From then on, the game grew more popular with gamers of all ages. As of today, Rocket League can now be played on different platforms – Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, OS X, Linux, and most recently, Nintendo Switch.


Rocket League, as the developers describe it, is soccer played by rocket-powered cars – and there is no better way to describe it. It is what you get when you cross a soccer game and a vehicular game. This fun and one-of-a-kind concept is what makes the game irresistible and highly addictive.

The mechanics and aim of the game is based loosely on the concept of a regular soccer, or football, game. The objective is quite simple: score as many goals as possible by hitting the ball to the opponent’s net. Teams, consisting of two, three or four members with each member piloting a rocket-powered vehicle, will be battling it out to score the highest number of goals. Players will use vehicles, instead of a team of human soccer players, to hit the ball around the arena. Rocket League is available both offline and online. There is also an option for single player or multi-player mode.

RL car 01

Teams will compete with each other in a wall-enclosed, rounded arena. The arena has walls on which cars can drive up to. Goals are set up at either end for each team. An oversized ball, almost twice as large as the cars, is located at the center of the arena. The ball has low-gravity properties – suspends in the air and bounces in slow paces when hit by cars – to make the game more challenging.

Due to its complex gameplay, winning Rocket League will need more than just powerful hits on the ball. Unlike most video games, Rocket League is a little tricky. It combines strategy with action. Stunning moves for playing the game –bouncing the ball at the right angles and with the right intensity, destroying the opponents’ cars, doing car spins and flips, avoiding opponents’ attacks – makes it more addictive.

Rocket League has become an esport phenomenon. No one could have imagined the popularity the game has reached a serious competitive esport. Psyonix, the game’s developer, has organized esports tournaments worldwide. Recent tournaments were co-organized by Psyonix with Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Major League Gaming.

rocket league championship series

Rocket League Championship Series

The Rocket League Championship Series, or RLCS, is the most popular major tournament event hosted by Psyonix. It runs at two seasons per year, and it is now on its fifth series this March. It has the largest prize pools for known Rocket League tournaments.

Other Rocket League tournaments, to name a few, including The Rocket League Challenge, Rocket League Universal Open, Gfinity Elite Series, HyperCup, DreamHack tournaments, CyberGamer Premier League, ThrowdownTV, and FACEIT X Games Rocket League Invitational. There are also tournaments that are offered both online and offline.


Why Bet on Rocket League? 

Rocket League Betting Sites

There is a number of esports betting sites offering markets for Rocket League tournaments. Top Rocket League betting sites include arcanebet, betway, pinnacle, and many more.

There are four possible types of markets available when betting on Rocket League that bettors can choose from. These betting markets include match winners markets, handicap markets, futures or outright winners markets, and betting specials markets.

The match winners market is the most popular and easiest type of betting market for Rocket League. In this type, bettors will have to choose which of the two participating teams will win the match. Betting operators will give the odds of each team to win. This will be the basis of bettors as to which team they will put their money on.

RL Score Goal

The handicap market is basically the same as the match winner market, with only one difference – a starting advantage is given to one of the two teams competing. Usually, the starting handicap advantage is +1.5 or +2.5. In this market, the team who gets the advantage will have increased chances of victory – leading to decrease in odds.

In the futures or outright winners market, the bettors will give their prediction on which team will win on a specific tournament before it starts. Lastly, the score or result of each round will be predicted in the specials market.


More About Rocket League – Playing the Game

The mechanics of the game is quite simple – two teams of rocket-powered cars drive around and do crazy tricks in an enclosed, rounded arena while trying to ricochet a huge low-gravity ball into the opponent’s goal. Cars smashing the opponents’ gives an additional thrill to the game. This creative spin on one of the most loved real-life sport of soccer, or football, makes Rocket League stand out in the wide array of esports games.

Some may find the idea of cars playing soccer a bit silly. But this silliness of Rocket League has given the game a bit of a charm to entice gamers to try it. But, there is more to this game than mere chaotic “soccer” play of cars in unrestrictive movements. It takes well-thought strategy, expert skills, and team play to master the game’s learning curve.

RL Game 01

First few attempts at playing Rocket League could be too challenging for gamers with a simpler gaming skillset. However, if you play it often enough, you will surely get the hang of playing Rocket League. Its unpredictability and complex gameplay make the game fun and exhilarating – even more so when you start to pull off car flips, spins, and other attractive moves while trying to overtake and destroy your opponent’s vehicles. All of this non-stop action creates an adrenaline rush that no other game can give.

The rocket-powered engines of the cars make it easier for cars to race through the whole arena while battling opponents. However, the fast speed is contrasting with the ball with low-gravity. The grounded ball is hard to manoeuvre to the goal.

The game modes of Rocket League are straightforward. With same rules and mechanics, you can play one-on-one, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4. Each match lasts for five minutes. This quick match length makes it too tempting to play match after match without noticing that hours have passed playing Rocket League. Various multiplayer options are a great feature for gamers who want to determine the tier to which their skillset belongs.

rocket league goal

Overall, the mechanics of the game is simple and easy to understand. However, it is the execution of the game that is incredibly hard to learn. Notable game skillset, teamwork, and quick thinking are needed to win every match. Even expert Rocket League players could not guarantee their win through a single strategy. Rocket League, with its ridiculous, yet the exciting concept of cars-playing-soccer, provides high energy and a truly amazing arcade-like experience to players.

Truly, Rocket League is one of the few esports games that would truly require mastery of the game’s mechanics and physics to be truly great at it. But, in spite of this, it cannot be denied that the level of entertainment that every aspect of the game gives is undoubtedly unparalleled.


Is It Safe to Bet on esports Games?

The attractive gameplay of Rocket League has taken over the hearts of a lot of gamers. With the increased popularity and unique concept of the game, Rocket League has found its way in the esports world – and it has taken it by storm.

In fact, Rocket League is widely popular as an esports game due to its highly competitive nature. No wonder that this game is also up for esports betting. It is because the game’s format is easy to bet on. Each round takes only 5 minutes, and teams will have to get two to four winning rounds to be declared as the winner. The fast matches make it easier for bettors to follow each game.

It is totally safe to bet on esports games, given that you will partake on betting sites that are legit and legal. Otherwise, you will be risking your security and hard-earned money for fraudulent gambling sites. As with any form of gambling, esports betting is prone to potential risks and security breaches. This is especially true since there are no concrete regulations and standards for esports and esports betting. We have mentioned above the best betting sites for Rocket League that you can use for your reference. Each Rocket League betting site indicated is considered legit.