• PUBG Betting

PUBG Betting

Anyone can place bets on PUBG tournaments. Bet on a solo player, a duo or a squad. Bets can be made on various esports betting sites offered on Esportsonly.com. Some sportsbooks also offer PUBG Betting. 

Betting on PUBG esports is a chance to be part of the game without being a player. Watching the tournaments are exciting in itself. Bet and get a chance to make some real money while watching these digital gladiators battle it out.

PUBG Betting

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What is Esports PUBG Betting?

PUBG is set on an 8 x 8 km island. Players engage in a massive death-match in the island. Players can choose to be a solo player, be part of a duo (2-player team) or of a squad of 4 players.

This is basically a game of survival.

A player starts entering the game after parachuting from a plane. He has no weapons, ammunition or any supplies on the player upon landing. The players must scramble to find supply caches that are scattered all over the map for equipment, and they can also get the equipment of the players that they eliminated from the game. The game ends when all but one player or team have been eliminated. The arena gradually shrinks so the players have no choice other than to engage each other in battle. A game typically lasts for about 45 minutes.

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Anyone can place bets on PUBG tournaments. Bet on a solo player, a duo or a squad. Bets can be made on various betting sites. Some sportsbooks also accept bets for PUBG.

Different payment options are available on various sportsbooks and betting sites. Some prefer real money betting over digital coins such as Bitcoin. This is a matter of personal preference.

Betting on PUBG esports is a chance to be part of the game without being a player. Watching the tournaments are exciting in itself. Bet and get a chance to make some real money while watching these digital gladiators battle it out.

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This game may be relatively new but it is a worthy game to bet on. It has already held its first major tournament, worth $350,000USD. The invitational was held in 2017 in Cologne, Germany at Gamescom. It was organized by ESL and Bluehole Studios. The tournament had 80 of PUBG’s best players. A lot of the top teams in Esports participated. This included Luminosity, Team Liquid, TSM and Cloud9. This tournament was a huge success. It was well received by the public and followed by millions online. This is an indication of greater things to come for the game. This is also an indication that PUBG is worth betting on.

Why bet on PUBG? Best PUBG Betting Sites?

PUBG tournaments are very competitive and exciting. Anyone can join in the fun and excitement without being an actual player. Bet on this esport through these top betting sites:

  • betway esports

Great odds can be found on this site. It covers all of the major tournaments of PUBG. It has high credibility and among the most popular esports betting sites. It comes with a good design for many games. Withdrawals from this site are fast.


  • bet365

New customers on bet365 receive bonuses. This site uses Real Money betting. This popular site has a good design with high credibility. Fast withdrawals are guaranteed.

More About PUBG – Playing the game

PUBG is not just about being aggressive. It also takes knowing when to lay low and when to fight most often wins the game. Patience is rewarded just as much as aggressiveness. Run and fire is not the only way to win.


Before parachuting down into the island, check the map for yellow icons. These are locations for buildings where there is a high chance of locating weapons.

The game does seem to have a preference for active playing style as it gives rewards to active playstyles. Being too passive loses this chance to receive rewards from the game. It also gives opponents greater tactical advantage through more gear acquisitions.

Video games are better experienced with the in-game sounds. In PUBG, in-game sounds can greatly help with tactical manoeuvres. Origins of shots fired can be assessed from where the sounds originated. Vehicle sounds, even the sounds of other players moving about are also part of the in-game sounds. These all make a huge input in planning the next move.

Some of these sounds can also be used as cover. For example, aeroplanes and gunfires can be used as a cover for strategic movements or when getting out of a nasty situation without getting tracked.

Players also need to be aware of the colour zones. There is the red zone, the blue circle and the white circle. These will help gauge if a new person is coming up too close or when walking too close to opponents.

pubg map

The blue zone is randomly generated by the game. It appears after about 5 minutes. Anyone caught within its area gets damaged/killed, hence, the nickname, “blue wall of death”. This is a coralling mechanic in the game that sets PUBG apart from other similar formats. To escape the blue wall, be on the lookout for the white circle. Get into this safe area before the blue circle reaches the player.

If caught in the blue circle, the player will receive damage. With full health, a player can survive a few minutes within the blue zone. Low health and its inevitable death. Outrunning the blue zone is possible with a vehicle.

pubg parachute drop

Another zone to watch out for is the red zone. Things within the red zone blow up after a countdown. Escape this area before the bombing otherwise it’s instantaneous death. If caught in the red zone, take cover inside buildings. However, there is a high probability of encountering other players also hiding in the building. Avoid conflict if possible during this time if unarmed. 

Is it safe to bet on esports games?

Esports betting is a rapidly growing industry. Esports means electronic sports. This is a type of competitive video gaming where players get to win prizes in winning games. Tournaments are held where professional gamers battle it out in a winner-take-all competition. Those who can’t play in the tournament can take part by betting on their favourite players or teams.

Esports includes many genres and games. The most popular ones are MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), FPS (first-person shooter) real-time fighting strategy games such as CS:GO, DOTA 2 and LOL. Major tournaments such as World Championships are typically held at arenas. Other competitions can be held online or within a LAN (local area network).

Betting on esports has exponentially grown in the last few years. Pinnacle, for example, has taken more than 5 million bets since 2010 in esports alone.

This industry is growing rapidly because of the increasing interest in online games. In the past few years, video gaming has become more and more professional. It’s no longer a couch activity for teenagers. People really invest in their characters and skills. They spend hours playing. They spend hundreds of dollars for good gaming equipment. It’s no longer just a simple game console and a TV anymore. The esports industry has gone much higher in terms of equipment and experience.

Many more are attracted to watching games online. Some games such as DOTA and CS:GO have amassed a serious following. Online viewers can reach up to 5 million, following games and tournaments through streaming services such as Twitch. Esports has truly become a significant industry that has a worldwide audience and participants.

Game developers, players and enthusiasts are working together to take games and tournaments to a greater degree. Prizes are one thing, the bragging rights to becoming World Champion is another. Some prizes also come with sponsorships. The loot is also something to aspire for, such as the latest gaming equipment.

The prizes are not something to scoff at. It can reach to millions of dollars. Total prize polls can even reach up to $20 million.

Esports has truly become a worldwide phenomenon. Naturally, people start placing bets. It started as skins betting. Followers bet their skins. These are decorative game features that do not affect skills or performance. These skins are still highly desirable because of the profile and scarcity.

Soon, a few traditional betting sites offered esports betting. In the succeeding years, bets increased exponentially along with the increase in popularity of many online games.

There are many ways to bet and win in esports betting. The main betting markets are the Money Line, the Handicap, the Totals and the Outright betting. In the Money Line, the better simply chooses between sides. A bet is placed on the side the better thinks will win the match. This is the most traditional type of betting.

The Handicap is a little bit more complex. The bookmaker will balance each side’s chances of winning. The side with a lower rank is given a positive handicap or an advantage. The side with higher chances of winning is given a negative handicap.

The Totals betting is placing bets on a number of specified events of a game, over or under a set figure. The bookmaker sets the figure. For example, a totals bet is placed in DOTA 2 for a specified number of kills or in CS:GO, for a specified number of rounds.

In Outright esports betting, a bet is placed based on the overall outcome of a specific event. For example, is placing a bet on the overall winner of an esports World Championship or Invitational Tournament.

Is betting on esports safe? Yes, if the bets are placed on credible betting sites, just like betting on any sport.