Martin ‘Styko’ Styk

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 19, 2017

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Martin ‘Styko’ Styk

Martin ‘Styko’ Styk is a Slovak cyber athlete who trains in CS: GO on behalf of Mousesports as their rifler. His Counter-Strike dream team of pro players include Fallen, coldzera, s1mple, Niko and Shox.

Mouz Styko practices CS every day for 30 minutes individually or 1 hour before big esports tournaments. He usually plays Deathmatch mode or the basebuilder mode giving him the warm up he needs to motivate him into Counter Strike action whilst keeping calm and having fun.



Martin never gets bored listening to the rapper, Eminem as well as catching up with Game of Thrones watching one epsisode a month until the next season is out. Styko loves to travel with his teammates, he takes the opportunity go sightseeing in his spare time and end the trip with a round of drinks with his friends.

Where it all began:

Martin’s friend who lived on the same street was so into video games but he did not have a computer. He would go over to Styk’s house to play games like Skyrim, Oblivion, The Guild 2 Renaissance, Faster than Light, This War is Mine and Don’t Starve.



His neighbor introduced him to Counter Strike 1.6 and from there Styko never stopped gaming. He figured he could play CS online and compete against his friends and other gamers, setting a goal and achieving it all the while developing his shooting skills. He realized his professional gaming career at 13-years-old, joining his first pro team, ex-Beasts.

The Team:

Mousesports is a German gaming company that was launched in 2002, becoming well-known for its Counter-Strike team and their successful results in esports tournaments. Mouz have several units that specialize in in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Paladins, Streetfighter V and Vainglory.

Mousesports CSGO esportsonly


Mousesports created their CS: GO team in 2012 where they started competing in minor esports tournaments and gradually progressed to compete in major and premier matches. Mouz CS: GO consists of pro players, chrisJ, oskar, ropz, suNny and STYKO.

Competition Participation:

The most recent esports tournaments that Mouz Styko has taken part in include the qualifying matches of ROG Masters 2017 – EMEA, StarLadder i-League Invitational #2: Europe, IEM Oakland and EPICENTER 2017 Europe. While Major tournaments include Hellcase Cup #6, Eleague CSGO premier 2017 and DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017. Mousesports CS: GO has competed against top teams like NiP, Fnatic, Faze Clan, Space Soldiers, Dignitas and NV.

While Styko competed for Hellraisers until July 2017, he has participated in DreamHack Atlanta, qualifiers of PGL Major Krakow, DreamHack Tours, DH Austin as well as the Eleague Major 2017. The CS: GO team have fought through top esports teams such as Heroic, Immortals, Virtus.Pro, BIG, Vega Squadron, North and G2 Esports.


The greatest accomplishment so far for Mouz Styko has been at the ESG Tour Mykonos 2017. Martin and his CS team won the prestigious event against Team Liquid with a score 3-2 to scoop their cash prize of a stunning $120K.

Another accomplishment was when Styk was playing on behalf of Hellraisers, participating in Major European Minor Championship – Colombus 2016. Styko and his CS unit raised hell on their opponents Esports Club with a winning score 2-1, to take another championship title, winning a reward amounting to $30K.