Heroic is a Danish esports association that specialises in CS:GO made up of five former players of SK Gaming. Following the footsteps of Astralis, Michael ‘Friis’ Jorgensen created the player-owned organisation with dedication to compete against the best teams worldwide. 

CS:GO Lineup

Heroic CSGO

The events Heroic has participated include Power-Lan 2016, Dreamhack Bucharest 2016, Starladder i-League StarSeries Season 2 and many other tournaments. As a competitive team that started out last August 2016, they have earned £62K in prize money.   

The Heroic CS: GO roster consists of es3tag, Snappi, niko, MODDII and JUGi. The dedication and training that heroic players have had at the boot camp in Copenhagen have built up their tactical playstyles to be the best so they will manage to qualify in prestigious esports competitions.