Philip Aistrup

Philip ‘aizy’ Aistrup

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 20, 2018

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Philip ‘aizy’ Aistrup

Philip ‘aizy’ Aistrup is a talented Danish esports player that practices Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He trains the rifler position for his current unit, North. Aizy stands out from his other teammates for his incredible aim and keeps cool in stressful situations.

north aizy travelling

Apart from CSGO, Aizy has also played other video games like Deceit and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The best thing about being a pro gamer is that he can travel to different countries to attend esports matches, taking the advantage of seeing the sights, relax by the pool or perhaps try out new sports like flyboarding. In his free time. Aistrup likes to drink beer while watching football matches with his friends.

Where it all began:

Philip aspired to be a professional gamer practicing Counter-Strike Source. Aizy had the drive to improve on his mistakes and CS strategies, so he could take part in gaming competitions.

Counter Strike Source6

Philip started playing CSGO seriously in 2013 with an esports team, Xapso. From then on has acquired the fighting skills while playing for top esports teams like n!faculty, 3DMAX, ESC Gaming, Team Dignitas, No Problem!, Copenhagen Wolves, G2 Esports and Faze Clan.

The Team:

North csgo roster 2018

North is a Danish esports club that was created by Football Club Copenhagen and Nordisk Film in January 2017. The organization currently supports a team that plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that started out with the former Dignitas players. Since then the CS roster has changed a few times to create the current best Counter-Strike team of players, MSL as captain, aizy, Valde, Mertz, and Kjaerbye.

Competition Participation:

The recent major or premier CSGO tournaments that North Aizy has participated include the IEM Katowice, CS Summit 2, Eleague Major Boston 2018, ESL Pro League Season 6 – Finals among many esports matches.

Eleague Boston 2018

Aistrup has had the pleasure of competing against top esports teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, Heroic, Hellraisers, BIG, Faze Clan, Astralis, NV, Virtus.Pro, IMT, and G2, where they gained the gaming experience, improving their strategies and mistakes.


The highest achievements so far in Aizy’s gaming career was while representing North at the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals. Going through the CSGO tournament, the Northerners beat top esports teams like Mouz, NRG, NaVi, Optic and Team Liquid. Reaching the Final match, North played the best they could against G2 Esports but they lost, finishing in a close second place claiming a reward of $100K.

North Aizy’s second great accomplishment was at the Eleague CSGO Premier 2017. The top CSGO squad went through the group stages defeating top CS units like Fnatic and Immortals. While in the Playoffs, North won 2-0 against Heroic advancing to the Semi-finals. However, their winning streak was at an end as Faze Clan beat North 2-0 which led to their elimination. The CS squad finished in fourth place to claim their reward of $70K.

Third highest earnings for Aizy was while playing for Faze Clan at the Eleague Season 2. Towards the Semifinals, the CS team have beaten C9, Immortals, and Virtus.Pro. Reaching the Semi-finals, Optic defeated Faze Clan to finish in fourth place, claiming their reward of $60K.