Natus Vincere or Navi in short, is a Ukranian eSports organization that was founded in 2009 by Murat ‘Arbalet’ Zhumashevich. This marked the start of the Counterstrike team and to dream and achieve the impossible, in fact, the squad name is the latin phrase meaning ‘Born to win’. 

Within the last five years, the leading European club, Na’Vi, have won a series of world titles in games like Dota 2, CSGO, World of Tanks, FIFA, League of Legends and Hall of Fame. 

CS:GO Lineup

NaVi CSGO team

Natus Vincere CS: GO roster strive to reach their goals to win esports tournaments, in achieving more and setting gaming standards. Navi made their debut winning tournaments such as ESWC 2010, World Cyber Games 2010, DreamHack Winter 2010. The esports team have ranked for the best 20 CS:GO players on in 2010. Pro players like markeloff ranked first, Starix in fourth, Edward in fifth place and the NaVi captain was voted ‘The best Captain of the year’.

Some of the latest records set by Natus Vincere include ESL One: New York 2016, MLG Major Championship: Colombus for winning the highest prizes for the team. Another outstanding achievement was at the Counter Pit League Season 2 – Finals beating against top CS team Astralis 2:1.

After seven years competing and coaching for Natus Vincere, Starix left the team to join Team Spirit. Andrey ‘Andi’ Prokhorov is now Navi’s new coach to help the squad defend and compete in future competitions and will keep doing so for the years to come.

LOL Lineup


Natus Vincere is a Ukrainian gaming organisation that was established in December 2009 by Murat ‘Arbalet’ Zhumashevich who helped sponsor them. They started out with a Counter-Strike team building on the fundamental motto that Navi players are ‘Born to win’ world esports tournaments. From one CS:GO team, the company has grown to support units that compete in FIFA, Dota, World of Tanks and League of Legends.

Natus Vincere LOL squad was created in December 2015 managed by Yaroslav ‘N1ghtEnd’ Klochko. The current roster consists of ZvenE, Gumbeq, niQ, aMiracle and Skash to carry on playing like they were born to win esports tournaments for NaVi.

Dota 2 Lineup

Navi Dota

Natus Vincere Dota unit was created in October 2010, originally made up of players like XBoxT, Goblak, Axypa, Deff, Mag-. Thanks to Arbalet’s mentality for NaVi players was to play like they were bron to win esports tournaments. The latest dota roster change took place on the 20th April 2017 with former player, rmN- leaving the Navi team and iwas replaced by SoNNeikO. The current Dota roster features Dendi, General, Sonneiko while Pajkatt and Biver have left the squad. 

The first ever dota tournament that NaVi participated was The International in 2011 starting out with a big bang. The unit won TI defeating the Chinese team, EHOME with a record of 3:1 to claim a prize of $1 Million. The highest achievement for the Dota roster was winning StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 with the score 3:1 defeating Team Secret, to proudly claim their deserved prize of $135K.