Aleksi allu Jalli

Aleksi ‘allu’ Jalli

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jan 29, 2018

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Aleksi ‘allu’ Jalli

Aleksi ‘allu’ Jalli is a 25-year-old cyber athlete hailing from Helsinki, Finland. He takes on the responsibility as a lurker competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for his present team, Optic Gaming. When the need arises allu can also handle the secondary awper for he is most famous for his awp.

In his free time, he likes to relax playing billiard with his friends. To refresh his mind from daily routine Aleksi likes to go on hiking trips, in fact, this helps him to think of fresh new ideas how to play Counter-Strike.

Where it all began:

Jalli began to develop a passion for gaming thanks to his school friends who would mention video games in class. He would watch esports tournaments and dream that one day he too could be as good as the pro players on TV.

CSGO video-game


The very first video game Aleksi practised seriously was Counter-Strike 1.6 in 2009 with munikka and from that moment, he never stopped playing. Having a strong competitive background, Jalli made the smooth transition to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The Team:

Optic Gaming is an American esports association that was formed in 2006 by five Call of Duty players, who wanted to pursue a professional career. Eventually, their gaming organisation grew to support units in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, Gears of War, Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and League of Legends.

Optic CSGO roster 2020

Optic created their CSGO squad in 2016, signing up the former Conquest players, Shahzam, daps, RUSH, NAF and Stanislaw. Since then the lineup has changed for the good of the unit that currently consists of mixwell, Friberg as captain, allu, Magisk and HS.

Competition Participation:

Allu and his current team, Optic Gaming have participated in Esports Championship Series Season 4 Finals, ESL Pro League Season 6, IEM Oakland, iBUYPOWER Masters 2017, PGL Major Krakow and ESL One Cologne 2017.

ESL One Cologne

Optic Allu has the gaming experience competing against top CSGO teams like Mouz, Fnatic, Renegades, NV, EXtatus, Misfits, Natus Vincere and Flipsid3 Tactics among many other esports units.


The highest winnings won by Jalli in his pro gaming career so far was while competing for Faze Clan at the StarLadder StarSeries Season 3. The CSGO squad beat Astralis 2-1 in the tournament finals, proudly claiming their first prize of $125K.

Another achievement was at the Esports Championship Series Season 3 playing for Faze Clan. The CSGO team managed to advance through to the Semifinals defeating Optic Gaming, G2 Esports and Cloud 9. Reaching the finals, Faze lost to SK Gaming, finishing in second place the CSGO clan proudly claimed their reward of an amazing $120K.