Misfits is a European team, that was created in May 2016. The association specialises in virtual games, CSGO, Overwatch, League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm.

CS:GO Lineup

Misfits CSGO roster 17

Misfits expanded into CS: GO in January 2017, acquiring the former Team Solomid players that made quite a successful start, qualifying for the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 and IEM XI World Championship. The current roster that will represent Misfits in the coming months include the pro players seangares the team captain, SicK, ShahZaM, AmaNEk and Devoduvek.  who together will continue to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to battle against the terrorists to win esports matches.

OW Lineup

MisfitsOW team

Their Overwatch unit was part of the former organization Renegades which was banned from competitions. So the group united to sign under Misfits with a new roster that included six gamers, Skipjack, Nevix, Zebbosai, Kryw, SoOn, Hidan.

Misfits won first prize of $100,000 in the Overwatch Cup in September 2016. They also participated in other tournaments like DreamHack Winter 2016, 2016 ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown –Gamescom, The battle and many more.   

The successes they have had so far from events have made them rank first in Europe and second in the world rankings. Each of these players competed at high levels against the world’s renowned gamers. The experience and talent that these athletes acquired is what gives the unit value.

LOL Lineup

Misfits lol team

Misfits LOL teams was created signing on the team RNG who were banned from LOL competitions, which led the unit to disband. The company acquired three Renegades players and automatically got their spot in the Challenger series that qualified them for the Summer league defeating Euronics Gaming.  

The current LOL team consists of Alphari, PowerOfEvil, Hans Sama, IgNar and the latest addition to the unit is Maxlore and their new strategic coach, Hilva. The current unit is a mixture of experienced players and fresh faces that will bring success to Misfits LOL squad.