Sean ‘seangares’ Gares

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Dec 06, 2017

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Sean ‘seangares’ Gares

Sean ‘seangares’ Gares is an American gamer that trains in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competing for Misfits. He takes on the position as in-game leader as well as rifler supporting his teammates in whatever situation crops up. Aside from playing CS: GO, seangares would play the poker game, Texas Hold’em to break off from the usual routine.

Poker game Texas Hold em

Gares is an esports fan of Ex6TenZ from Team for using the potential of teammates and his effective use of grenades. Competing abroad at international events, Gares has learnt not to rush into things, to let the round develop so as not to get caught up to change gameplays quickly. He made a name for himself as a commentator and analyst during the gaming event, ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 Finals back in December 2015.

Where it all began:

Just before advancing to high school in Arizona, Sean developed a gaming interest in Counter-Strike when he was just 14 years old. He liked the competitive aspect of video games and for this he spent more time playing CS: GO.

CS Global Offensive videp game

Seangares grew up wanting to be a doctor and got a bachelor’s degree in Medicinal biochemistry for the Arizona State University. After graduation, he went on to pursue his career in esports joining his first CS team, Emazing Gaming in 2009.

The Team:

Misfits is a European esports association that was launched in 2016, founded by Ben Spoont as well as Syfy founders, Mitch Rubenstein, and Laurie Silvers. The gaming company kicked off their journey into the gaming world with former LOL players from Renegades. Misfits grew to support teams that compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros and League of Legends.

Misfits CSGO roster 19

Misfits created their CS roster in January 2017, acquiring the former Team Solomid roster. The CS: GO roster consists of seangares as team captain, SicK, ShahZaM, AmaNEk and Devoduvek. Since the beginning, the CS squad have won a total amount of $81K in winnings under Misfits and will continue to compete in future.

Competition Participation:

The latest CS: GO matches that Sean Gares and his team Misfits have participated include ESL Pro League Season 6 – North America, iBUYPOWER Masters 2017, Americas Minor Championship – Boston 2018 and the World Cyber Arena 2017.

World Cyber Arena 2017 esports tournament2

Over the past few months, the CS squad have fought against top units such as Optic, Liquid, Complexity, Luminosity, NRG, Renegades, Hellraisers, NV and Red Reserve. Thanks to these top teams, Misfits can improve on their game strategies and skills to wreak more havoc and win Counter-Strike tournaments.


The highest earnings so far in Sean’s gaming career was when he competed for Cloud 9 at the iBUYPOWER Cup. At the premier event, the squad defeated Team Liquid with a record of 2-1. C9 took the championship title to proudly claim their prize of $65K.

The second accomplishment was back in July 2015 while competing for C9, Seangares participated in the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 – Finals. The squad did reach the finals but lost to Fnatic with the record 1-3, to finish in second place, taking home a prize of $60K.

Another achievement for Gares was at DreamHack Winter 2013 competing for Complexity at the time. The CS squad managed to reach the semi-finals but lost to Fnatic with a record of 0-2. Seangares and his squad finished in fourth place to scoop a reward of $22K and earned a spot in the EMS One: Katowice 2014.