Complexity Gaming is also known as coL, a respected esports company that was founded by Jason ‘1’ Lake in 2003. The organisation has several teams that specialise in different virtual games like Dota 2, CS:GO, OW, Hearthstone, Call of Duty and Starcraft. 


Dota 2 Lineup

Complexity Dota team

The first Dota 2 unit was formed in 2012 with a esports squad named ‘FIRE’. At The International 2012, the team ranked 9th to 12th place which led Jeyo to leave Complexity. Due to this, coL dota was inactive for a few years.

Making a comeback into the Dota scene in August 2014, Complexity Gaming signed up with stayGreen, an esports team that were formerly HoN players. After the loss of a few players like Fly, Moonmeander, Limmp, Chessie and Handsken, Complexity will try harder to succeed with a new Dota 2 roster.   

CoL have taken part in major events such as ESL One Frankfurt 2016, The Manila Major 2016, The Shangai Major 2016 and so many more. The most recent big event Complexity participated was The Boston Major 2016 ranking them between the 9th to 16th place, winning a prize pool of $62,000. 

The Team

Kyle Melonzz Freedman

Kyle Freedman

Kyle ‘Melonzz’ Freedman is an American gamer, who is captain of his team, Complexity Gaming. He began his career playing Heroes of Newerth, making his mark in the esports world. Melonzz is often described as outspoken and a controversial player who has won five consecutive HoN LANs. Kyle made the switch to Dota 2 in 2014, to help support his squad to victory and hopefully win two International Tournaments.

Zakari Zfreek Freedman

Zakari Freedman

Zakari ‘Zfreek’ Freedman is a dedicated cyber athlete currently playing for Complexity Gaming. He started gaming alongside his brother Melonzz in Heroes of Newerth and making the switch to play Dota 2 full time together. His competitive abilities as a jungler and support show his true potential in his roles with his signature heroes Chen, Enigma and Io. His commitment to learning a new game inside out, his sarcastic nature and quick wit is what makes him a favourite among pro gamers. 

David Moo Hull

David Hull

David ‘Moo’ Hull is professional pro offlaner from Ohio, US, that forms part of the Complexity Gaming Dota 2 squad. Through solo matches, networking and inhouse games, Moo rose to fame playing the offlane position using an aggressive style, adapting to any situation, putting his skills to good use. Making the smart moves he led his team at the time Digital Chaos defeating Complexity Gaming to an impressive second place at the International 2016. He proved his worth to col.dota which he later joined and calls it his home.

Mihai Cancel Antonio

Mihai Antonio

Mihai ‘cancel^^’ Antonio is a committed Romanian gamer who takes on the position of Solo Middle for Complexity Gaming. He began playing video games at internet cafes until he earned enough money to own his own personal computer. From then on Mihai streamed his gameplays and became a European high ranking player. Cancel^^ is mostly known for his dangerous playstyle with champions Tinker, Windranger and Storm Spirit.

Complexity Gaming squad

Complexity Gaming squad

Jaron ‘Monkeys-forever’ Clinton is a committed Dota 2 player from Pennysylvania. He plays the solo mid role for his current team Complexity Gaming. He started playing Dota 2 in September 2011 where he used to play the mid role in the past. Jaron currently plays the offlane position which suits his playstyle much more, bringing out his gaming potential with his favourite, Batrider. 

CS:GO Lineup

Complexity CSGO team

Complexity is a North American esports company that was founded in 2003. Over thirteen years, the association has five teams each of them focus on games like OverwatchDota 2, Hearthstone, CS:GO and Starcraft.

Five professional players, dephh, Surreal, Desi, Androidx23 and Uber make up the Complexity CS:GO roster. coL players have been featured in the several media outlets like Sports Illustrated, New York Post, at the Championship Gaming Series and in a film documentary. The Complexity team was also featured in the book about video gaming, Game Boys that was released in 2009.      

Complexity Gaming have competed in several CS:GO tournaments such as the International Gaming League 2016, Eleague Season 2 qualifiers, Northern Arena 2016 Montreal and many more events. Their latest competition was at the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 in qualifier stage, beating Team Liquid they ranked third place.  

The Team

Rory dephh Jackson

Dephh - Photo Source:

Rory ‘dephh’ Jackson is a British pro gamer taking on the role of captain for Complexity CS:GO. Rory began playing CS:GO professionally a little over three years ago with a dream to win a Major tournament. Dephh used to play football creating a sense of competition within him since he was nine years old. Thanks to his father who introduced Rory to the classics, Rory likes to listen to the rock band, Queen.  

Kia Surreal Man

Surreal - Photo source

Kia ‘Surreal’ Man is an English CS:GO player competing for Complexity living at the gaming house in Boston. Kia has the motivation, skills and commitment to become a top gamer. Surreal has the capabilities of finding a way how to win a match which is what attracted the attention of the Complexity organisation.

Brad Androidx23 Fodor

Androidx23 - Photo Source:

Brad ‘Androidx23’ Fodor is a Canadian cyber athlete who competes in CS:GO for Complexity. Brad is the kind of gamer with a will to learn from his mistakes with a dream to be successful in his career. Fodor with his mechanical skills and precise aim aspires to win Counter Strike events to be a part of the best teams in the world.   

Derek Desi Branchen

Desi - Photo Source:

Derek ‘Desi’ Branchen is an American pro who plays for Complexity CS:GO. He takes on the rifler position for his team, adding stability to the current CS:GO roster.   

Michael Uber Stapells

Uber - Photo Source:

Michael ‘Uber’ Stapells is a talented gamer who has played Counterstrike for over a year. Uber is a committed player who brings out his gaming skills together with a positive attitude that gears up the squad to win more matches. 

OW Lineup

Complexity Team2

Complexity or coL is a North American association that was founded in 2003. The organisation sponsor several teams that specialise in Dota 2, Starcraft II, CS:GO, Call of Duty and many more.  

One of the sponsored squads is the Overwatch unit that were a part of Team Solomid that disbanded. After that all squad members signed up with Complexity Gaming in August 2016 to continue competing in esports.

In the history of Complexity Overwatch, they have made their mark in the esports scene. CoL defeated some of the world known units like Team Liquid and Luminosity Gaming in the Qualifying stages of the Overwatch Winter Premier.  Their latest tournament they participated was the MLG Vegas reaching sixth place that was held on the 17th December.

The Team

Jack Kaplan

Jack Kaplan

Jack ‘Shake’ Kaplan is the American support player for Complexity Gaming. His high level skills he acquired playing Guild Wars 2 gave him an edge and the drive to win. His work ethic to continue improving and developing will earn him the title he wants to be the top Overwatch support in the world.

Joe Gramano

Joe Gramano

Joe ‘Joemeister’ Gramano is a Canadian esport athlete that takes on the supportive role for coL team. Gramano has an extensive gaming history playing Sudden Attack, Soldier front 2 and CS:GO. Tork and Nicolas approached Joemeister so that he can join them in their new OW team. With Joe’s sharp decisions and communication skills support the unit with their gaming success.

Joey Wavering

Joey Wavering

Joey ‘Jkw’ Wavering a professional esports pro that plays for Complexity. Joey’s abilities were noticed for the mastery of large hero pool and the skills to take on different gaming positions. Jkw plays the tank role at the highest level so that he can reach his goal by being on the best Overwatch team and will not stop until coL reaches the top.   

Nicolas Aubin

Nicolas Aubin

Nicolas ‘NicolasTJO’ Aubin is a Canadian gamer who plays DPS for Complexity. Nicolas first started competitive gaming in Call of Duty where he met TorkTJO and have been friends since then. NicolasTJO also played Shootmania, Battlefield 3 and CS:GO, in fact he was banned for a year for cheating in Counter-Strike. After receiving an Beta invitation for Overwatch, he realised the potential the game had and made the switch. Being an effective DPS means he is very reliable, determined and with positive attitude to help win tournaments.   

Jake Lepoff

Jake Lepoff

Jake ‘TorkTJO’ Lepoff is a talented cyber athlete that takes on the position of DPS for Complexity. He has competed in many esports games in the past seven years such as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Arctic Combat, Battlefield 3 and CS:GO. These esports competitions helped Jake make the transition into Overwatch with his quick decision-making and crazy fragging skills that makes him a top competitor.   

Anthony Ballo

Anthony Ballo

Anthony ‘harbleu’ Ballo is one of the best flex players in Overwatch, currently playing for Complexity Gaming.  Harbleu began competing in Team Fortress 2, taking multiple championships across six years. Anthony together with a few former teammates switched to OW, mastering the virtual game. In fact Ballo is well known for his unique flanking moves through the champion Roadhog. His abilities are even broader with the flexibility of a wide range of heroes.