Lukas Rossander

Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jan 02, 2018

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Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander

Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander is a 21-year-old esports player from Denmark. He plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for his current team, Astralis taking on the role of captain while also supporting his team as a rifler. Thanks to his tactical mindset, Gla1ve will help his squad achieve esports success.

Lukas practices three hours a day on his own developing and improving his gaming abilities while also playing CS for another 6 hours with his teammates. His dedication to play was proven, in fact nothing could stop gla1ve from playing his favorite shooter game. A few hours before the semi-finals of the Assembly Winter 2016, gla1ve suffered a collapsed lung and still went ahead to compete on behalf of Copenhagen Wolves even though Patrik ‘es3tag’ Hansen was ready to be the substitute in the tournament instead of him.

Outdoor sports Gla1ve plays Football

He makes sure that one day in the week, he breaks away from video games to refresh his mind and de-stress. Other than gaming, Gla1ve likes to play football, watch a good movie or enjoy the company of his friends and family.

Where it all began:


When Lukas was around 12-years-old, he began playing Counter-Strike Source with his school friends. It was always his dream that one day he will be a professional player competing in video games every day, something he loved to do and never got tired of his hobby. In 2012, gla1ve decided to play seriously in CS, representing his very first team, Tt Dragons.

The Team:

Astralis is a Danish esports company that was established in January 2016. The team was founded by the players themselves with the help of their manager Frederik Byskov.The association supports one team that specialise in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Over the years, Astralis have built a reputation among esports fans and are now ranking third place among the world’s best team according to

Astralis CSGO Team4

Astralis CS: GO team consists of the pro players Dupreeh, Xyp9x, Kjaerbye and Gla1ve as their in-game leader that will continue to show off their fighting skills and bring success.

Competition Participation:

The latest esports tournaments that Astralis Gla1ve has taken part in include ECS Season 4 Finals, ESL Pro League Season 6, Blast Pro Series CopenHagen 2017. Other prestigious esports events that Astralis have participated was the IEM Masters Oakland, Eleague CS: GO Premier 2017, ESL One New York, DreamHack Masters Malmo among many competitions.

Rossander’s gaming experience has given him the knowledge of how to counter his competition facing top esports teams like Mousesports, SK Gaming, G2, Faze Clan, Team Liquid, Gambit and Optic.


Rossander’s great accomplishment was at Eleague Major Atlanta 2017 while representing his current team, Astralis. The professional unit defeated Virtus.Pro with a record of 2-1, taking the Championhip title and claimed their highest prize yet of a stunning $500K.

The second achievement for Astralis Gla1ve was when he competed at the Esports Championship Series Season 2 Finals. Lukas and his team beat top esports team, Optic Gaming with an unbeatable score of 2-0, winning the premier tournament to claim their reward of a jaw-dropping $250K.