DreamHack Montreal

DreamHack Montreal will take all the esports hype to Canada for the esports event that will take place at the Place Bonaventure. The Major CS: […]

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DreamHack Montreal

From: 2017-09-08
To: 2017-09-10
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Complexity Gaming

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Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic GamingCLG

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Luminosity Gaming

LGLuminosityTeamLGTeam LGLuminosity Gaming EvilLG Evil

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Team North

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Gale Force Esports

Gale Force

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Team Kinguin


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Prize Pool

Grand total: $85,000.00

DreamHack Montreal

DreamHack Montreal will take all the esports hype to Canada for the esports event that will take place at the Place Bonaventure. The Major CS: GO tournament will be held on the 8th till 10th September, an event in the world of gaming that avid fans have been anticipating.

The main event DreamHack Astro Open in Montreal will feature Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where eight pro teams will get to face off each other for a prize pool of $100K.

The DH event will be spread over three days starting with eight units that will be split into two groups of four. Each group will be playing in a double elimination where the two strong teams that remain will advance to the playoffs. Four teams will get to compete in Semifinals and winners final match playing the best of three maps, that will determine the strong team from a league between North America and Europe.

Top eight teams participating at DreamHack Montreal

Cloud 9 have made a few changes in August, acquiring Rush and Tarik, which has led n0thing and Shroud inactive players under C9 company. The North American CS team have qualified for the upcoming event, ESL One: New York. Meantime, Cloud 9 did not play so well at DreamHack Masters Malmo finishing in a disappointing 9th place. Will they pick up their game in time for DH Montreal?

Counter Logic Gaming’s last winning match was when the unit beat Renegades at the NA qualifiers of DreamHack Summer 2017 to finish in fourth in the Main DH event. Since then CLG have ranked in third place at the Americas Minor Championship Krakow and placed fourth at the NA qualifying match of ESL One New York. Will CLG qualify for the Playoffs?

Immortals Counter-Strike roster let go of fnx and replaced him with kNgV- from Red Reserve. After the change, the squad placed a good second in the PGL Major Krakow 2017 but lost to Gambit Gaming. In their last Premier esports tournament, DreamHack Masters Malmo IMT lost to top team, North to finish in fifth place. Will Immortals go through to playoffs to take revenge on North?

North Counter-Strike squad benched Magisk in August and replaced him with valde. The unit have participated in the most recent PGL Major Krakow 2017 but lost to Virtus.Pro to finish in 8th place. However, the pro team made a surprising comeback in DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017 to finish in the finals, ranking in second place after G2 Esports.

Complexity have had a season of qualifying in esports tournaments such as DreamHack Montreal 2017, ESL One: New York 2017 and DH Valencia. Unfortunately, coL have not participated in a Major Counter-Strike match since Americas Minor Championship 2017 in Krakow. The CS players Uber and Surreal have left coL and have signed on yay and ptr to help win esports tournaments.

Gala Force Esports is an American gaming company that just started in August with a professional team training in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This squad will be participating in DreamHack Montreal, their very first Major esports tournament.

Luminosity Gaming have qualified in prestigious matches such as Eleague CS: GO Premier, DReamhack Montreal 2017 and EPICENTER. LG CS: GO lineup have seen destinyy and shz leave the roster and Chelo and NEKIZ were acquired. Due to the changes, will they step up their game in time for DH Montreal?

Team Kinguin is an esports association that has been established since 2015. Their latest participation in esports matches include EPICENTER, ECS Season 4, ESL One: New York as well as Dreamhack Masters Malmo. Having qualified for DH Montreal could they beat the likes of Complexity or Immortals?