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Counter Logic Gaming or also known as CLG is an American esports team that was founded in April 2010 by HotshotGG. The company is famous for their LOL team that is in fact the oldest team still competing actively. The successes earned from WCG 2010 and Intel Extreme Masters Cologne 2011 has given them the finance to grow the association. Today CLG supports squads in Overwatch, two CS:GO squads male and female, League of Legends and Super Smash Bros.



CS:GO Lineup

CLG RED team2


CLG Red is a female CS:GO squad that falls under Counter Logic Gaming, a professional esports organisation established in 2010. The company supports different teams competing at high levels in video games like Hearthstone, League of LegendsOverwatch, Smash and CS:GO.   

The CLG Red roster started as GX3 or better known as Girls got Game in 2003 playing Counter-Strike 1.6. They played together under SK Ladies, Ubinited and currently with Counter Logic Gaming, though a few players left and new ones joined, the majority have been together for over ten years.

Counter Logic Gaming have taken part in several competitions like the qualifiers of DreamHack Master Las Vegas, Copenhagen Games 2016, Fragadelphia. Their first world competition under CLG Red was ESWC 2015 winning the championship title, scooping a prize of $7K. The highest achievement for the squad was at the Any Key Invitational 2016, defeating Team Secret and taking home a reward of $10K.

The Team

Chirstine Potter Chi

Christine ‘Potter’ Chi is an American talented player who takes on the role of captain for CLG Red. She first started playing Counter-Strike in 2002, after watching her brother and his friends play. Christine is highly respected within the esports scene, a winner of six world championship titles. She is most famous for her fierce gameplays in several events and streams on Twitch showing all her esports fans her abilities.

Diane di Tran

Diane ‘di^’ Tran is an American 21-year old pro CS support rifler for Counter Logic Gaming Red. Tran was 12 when she started playing Counter-Strike, following her brother's gaming habits. Diane’s first championship was in 2015 at the Intel Challenge Katowice finishing third to the most recent major Intel event in Poland 2017.   

Benita bENITA Novshadian

Benita ‘bENITA’ Novshadian is a 24-year-old Counter-Strike cyber athlete playing for CLG RED. When bENITA was nine years old, her older brother introduced her to CS. She is competitive in every game she plays determined to be a better player, in fact she holds a number of world championship titles together with her team.

Stephanie missharvey Harvey2

Stephanie ‘missharvey’ Harvey is a Canadian 30-year-old pro gamer playing for Counter Logic Gaming Red. When Stephanie practiced dance for around ten years and has always loved the competitive side of sports too. Missharvey studied Masters in video game design which helped her  land a job at Ubisoft Montreal. She likes watching TV shows of super heroes like Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Daredevil and many more.

Klaudia Klaudia Beczkiewicz

Klaudia ‘Klaudia’ Beczkiewicz is a dedicated CS:GO player competing for CLG RED. She began training and practising in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2013 to grow and be a better player. Two years later, klaudia started her competitive career with Team Karma, where her first tournament was the major event Clutch Con 2015. Her determination and experience gave her the opportunity to join Counter Logic Gaming Red to achieve success at prestigious esports events.  

CS:GO Lineup

CLG 17

CLG CSGO was created in 2015, acquiring the former squad of mouseSpaz players. Competing under the new name, their first competition was the MLG X Games Aspen Invitational. The current Counter-Strike lineup consists of FNS as captain, reltuC, koosta, nahtE and the latest addition was Rickeh from Renegades.

The CSGO roster has participated in quite a number of esports tournaments such as the qualifier matches, DreamHack Summer, ESL One: Cologne 2017, IEM XI World Championship. The major tournament that Counter Logic Gaming has taken part in was Subaru Invitational 2017, battling against another top team, Cloud 9. The squad will be taking part in the upcoming CS:GO match, DreamHack Summer in June 2017 battling it out against the top eight esports teams.

The Team 

CLG reltuc

Steve ‘reltuC’ Cutler is a 28-year-old American pro, forming part of the Counter Logic Gaming CS:GO roster. Cutler has the ability to play two roles, the rifler and awp to help take out the enemy in the bombsite. Starting his gaming career in 2012 in CS:GO he has competed for teams like MouseSpaz, Denial esports,, acquiring the knowledge and skills to become the talented gamer he has become today realising his dream with CLG. 

CLG Koosta2

Kenneth ‘Koosta’ Suen is an professional cyber athlete, who plays the awp role for Counter Logic Gaming. He is mostly known for his aggressive playstyle while carrying his team from tough situations. Suen made a name for himself showing off his gaming potential at the RGN Pro Series 2015, earning him a reputation among esports analysts and fans. Kenneth has played for two years in CS:GO, having also played Quake, Team Fortress 2 and Alliance of Valiant Arms. 

CLG nahte2

Ethan ‘nahtE’ Arnold is an American pro gamer who forms part of the CLG CS:GO roster. He began competing in esports in 2016 with Ex-Astral Authority. Since then Arnold developed his fighting skills with, Team Prospects, eUnited, playing the rifler position for his current team, Counter Logic Gaming.


Pujan ‘FNS’ Mehta is a 25-years-old Canadian cyber athlete playing CS:GO competing for Counter Logic Gaming. He takes on responsibility of calling the shots as the in-game leader while playing the  lurker for his team. He started competitive gaming in 2014 with his first team, Other than gaming, FNS enjoys watching TV shows such as Game of Thrones, 24, Breaking Bad, Arrow, Daredevil, Dexter, Lost, White Collar, The Blacklist, Narcos, and The Mentalist.

CLG rickeh

Ricky ‘Rickeh’ Mulholland, an Australian professional player training in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competing for CLG Gaming. On his journey to be a pro gamer he has streamed games like Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and H1Z1. He began his gaming career with Team Immunity, played with Renegades acquiring the fighting tactics and improving on his gameplays. His gaming experience has given him the ability to handle two roles for his team that of rifler and awper.