DreamHack Winter 2017

DreamHack Winter is the last esports tournament this year, making its final stop in Sweden. This prestigious Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event will take place between […]

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DreamHack Winter 2017

From: 2017-12-01
To: 2017-12-03
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EnvyusEVTeam EnvyusnVTeam EnvyEnvy

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Gambit Gaming

GambitGGGambit Esports

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Team HeroicHeroic

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Natus VincereNa'Vina'vinaviNAVINa`Vi

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Team North

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Rise Nation
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Prize Pool

Grand total: $85,000.00

DreamHack Winter 2017

DreamHack Winter is the last esports tournament this year, making its final stop in Sweden. This prestigious Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event will take place between 1st December until 3rd December 2017, taking place in the Elmia Convention Center in Jonkoping. The top eight professional teams will be competing for their share of a prize pool that amounts to a stunning $100K.

Dreamhack Winter 2017 will be another great gaming festival in Jonkoping that will feature esports tournaments like Counter- Strike, Dota 2, Quake Champions, H1Z1, Hearthstone and Smash Bros Melee. Like in every DH event, there are also music performances featuring Aris Don Demina, Bass Modulators, Italo Brothers and the Swedish group, Tjuvjakt. For those who like to take carnival to the next level, you have the opportunity to dress up into your favourite heroes and participate in their cosplay competitions.

Last year’s DreamHack Winter that was held on the 24 until 26 November 2016, where the CS:GO match was won by Gambit Esports. They defeated Renegades in the finals with the score 2-0, taking the Championship title, Gambit took home a prize of a stunning $50K.

The format of DreamHack Winter will see the best eight esports units that will be divided into two groups of four. The top two in each group will proceed to the Semi-finals in a Single elimination bracket, The crème de la crème of CS: GO teams will go head to head in the finals in best-of-three matches to win the first prize of $50K.

The Best CSGO Teams at DreamHack Winter


Berlin International Gaming have been invited to participate in DreamHack Winter. Their CS gaming performance has been a success ranking in the top four places. These tournaments include the World Cyber Arena where they finished in 3rd place, beating Navi with a record 2-1, Esports World Convention 2017, DreamHack Denver and Hellcase Cup #6. Due to their past few performances, will BIG go through to the Semi-Finals?

Gambit Esports

The greatest esports wins so far for Gambit Esports was at the PGL Major Krakow and Dreamhack Austin, while placing third at DH Masters in Malmo. They have had a few disappointing results in prestigious matches such as the ESEA Season 25 and Eleague CS: GO Premier, however the CS team have recently placed second place in the World Cyber Arena 2017 in the European Main Stage. Do you think Gambit will proceed through the Group Stages?


The CS Heroic players will be in attendance at the DreamHack Winter in Sweden. Their performance in DH Valencia and Atlanta have proved their potential to rank in second and fourth place respectively. Their most recent win was at the World Cyber Arena 2017 on the European main stage, winning against Gambit Gaming with a record 2-1. Will Heroic be the heroes saving the world from terrorists?


The German team, Mousesports have won the Championship title of the ESG Tour Mykonos 2017, finished second in the Hellcase Cup #6 as well as fourth in major competition, DreamHack Denver 2017. The players dedicated to play electronic sports with a computer mouse have been invited to participate in DH Winter. Do you think Mousesports has what it takes to win?

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere are another CS unit that have the honors of being invited to DreamHack Winter. Latest roster changes saw seized step down from the active lineup to join Flipsid3 Tactics and electronic joins the CS squad. Navi placed second in major Adrenaline Cyber League 2017 as well as third place at the ESL One: Cologne 2017. From the PGL Major Krakow to the present day, the Counter-Strike team have had some disappointing results at Eleague, ESL One New York among many others. Due to the change, will Natus Vincere practice enough in time for Dreamhack Winter?


EnVyUs are invited to compete at the CS: GO competition in Sweden. NV’s latest win was DH Atlanta and since then have done quite well in the qualifiers stage in competitions. However, in the main events, EnVyUs have ranked much lower between 5-8th place except for the Major match Europe Minor Championship – Boston 2018, finishing second. Will NV manage to go through the Group Stage?

North Academy

North Academy is the European Qualifier to participate at DH Winter in Sweden. This CS squad was created in April 2017 signing on the pro players, mertz, gade, acoR, sycrone and bORUP. Looking through past competition results, North Academy have done very well in the minor matches whilst in the major events they rank between 5 – 10th place. Since they are still a fairly new team, they will need to compete more on the international stage to achieve more success. The North Academy will be at DreamHack Winter showing their fierceness…

Rise Nation

Rise Nation is the North American qualifying team that will be participating in DreamHack Winter. The unit was formed last May 2017, acquiring the former Eclipse CS: GO roster. The Lineup consists of vSa as captain, -Ace, moose, dazzLe and Jonji, who have kept a 5-8th ranking in competitions. Will this CS team rise above all nations to win DH competition?