Rise Nation is an esports company that was founded by NFL player Rodger Saffold and Kahreem Horsley in 2014. Creating a Call of Duty roster to start with in time for the COD Championships, to which they have successfully qualified. The gaming association supports teams that specialize in Overwatch, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

OW Lineup

Rise Nation OW team

Under the guidance of the coach Winlogon, the six players have set various strategies with a wide range of heroes and put in a lot of practise to be where they are today. Even though the unit was formed only a few months ago on the 27th August 2016, they aim to achieve high level of success in prestigious Overwatch Tournaments.

Rise nation have lived up to their name, proving themselves worthy in the North American esports scene. The squad beat Team Liquid in the Tournament Route 66 Cup and they also defeated Cloud 9 in the Masters Gaming arena 2016: American Qualifier.

 The Team


Keith ‘Desro’ Hospedales is an outstanding player who forms part of Rise Nation Overwatch. His gaming experience and skills he acquired give him the ability to withstand damage from the opposing squad while protecting their team mates from getting hurt. The heroes he plays generally have higher health and defence game plays.  


Samuel ‘Locke’ Latina is a committed athlete who plays with Rise Nation. Locke’s role within the team is that of a support bringing out his OW strategies with favourite champion, Zenyatta and another signature hero, Ana.


Adam ‘Spirit’ Willis is a dedicated esports pro that plays for Rise Nation. Spirit’s position within the game is DPS which brings out the quick decision-making and inflicting swift damage per second.


Nathan ‘xRetzi’ Telen is an American cyber athlete that forms part of Rise Nation squad. His position within the Overwatch game is that of DPS that means inflicting damage and killing the enemy. Nathan skills of quick thinking and fast moves of attack strategies help him to lead his squad to victory.  


Mike ‘IVIIdnight Ryan is an American pro gamer that plays for Rise Nation. Mike has the ability to master different roles in OW being the flex player. He learnt how to adapt to different situations in the battlefield putting his gaming skills to good use.


Kyle ‘Phaz’ Dornian is a talented gamer who is the captain of Rise Nation Overwatch. Before signing with Rise Nation, Phaz used to compete Paragon and with Geckofox. Currently taking over the support position, he usually plays the OW champion Lucio, looking out for his team mates who need help and healing.

CS:GO Lineup

Rise Nation CSGO

Rise Nation acquired the former Eclipse GG roster in May 2017, in time to compete in their first tournament, CEVO Season 12. Since then they have participated in qualifying tournaments such as DreamHack Valencia, DH Masters Malmo, ROG Masters, World Cyber Arena, ESL One New York and the Eleague CS: GO Premier.


Their greatest win so far was the minor event, Fragadelphia 11 coming in second place, taking home a prize of $9K. There is always a first time for everything and from this experience Rise Nation will improve their game for their first major CS: GO tournament, DreamHack Winter in Sweden.  


The Team


Andy ‘vSa’ Xu is a Canadian esports player who trains in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Rise nation. His responsibility as team captain means he calls the shots to implement Counter Strike strategies with his favourite weapon, the M4A1-S. If he was not a pro gamer, he would have become a Computer Scientist.


Brandon ‘Ace’ Winn is an American 22-year-old pro gamer who practices CS: GO full-time. He takes on the role of awper for his team, Rise Nation. He pursued his pro gaming career in esports in 2016 by joining Eclipse GG and now will be showing off his incredible game plays for Rise Nation.


Kaleb ‘moose’ Jayne is a Canadian cyber athlete who has dedicated his time to compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Rise Nation. Gaming was always a dream of his and does not see himself giving up on his passion any time soon. In his spare time, Kaleb likes to watch movies and go out with friends.  


Will ‘dazzle’ Loafman is a talented esports player training in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, competing on behalf of Rise Nation. His passion into gaming all started when he played Call of Duty. Later on in life, he switched to CS: GO, enjoying every gaming moment of crazy and intense competition. He began his professional career in 2016 with Serpentis Esports, making a name for himself in the gaming world.    


Jonathan ‘Jonji’ Carey is a Canadian esports player training in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, for Rise Nation. He began his competitive career back in September 2016, joining the esports team, subtLe. He got his gaming alias from an old teammate who used to joke about Jumanji and so Carey got the inspiration to go by the nickname Jonji.