Vytis ‘Mineral’ Lasaitis

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 06, 2017

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Vytis ‘Mineral’ Lasaitis

Vytis ‘Mineral’ Lasaitis is a professional esports player who is currently competing for team Misfits. His responsibility for his OW squad is to handle the supportive role and through his help win rounds with signature hero, Lucio. Mineral is quite an experienced gamer who contributes his knowledge and understanding of Overwatch thanks to his leadership skills and shotcalling.

Where it all began:

Ever since Vytis was young, he had a passion for video games which instilled his competitive side. Growing up with the trending computer games, he dedicated a lot of time to playing Team Fortress 2 as a hobby. In his late teens, Lasaitis joined some European gaming teams but esports was not so big yet so he quit to focus on his studies in journalism.

TF2 video game2

When Blizzard announced a new video game, Overwatch was going to be released, Mineral was thinking of going back to being a professional player. He came to know that many pros who played TF2 would switch to OW and was encouraged to try it out himself and since then has never stopped from playing.

The Team:

Misfits is a European gaming association that was created by Ben Spoont, Mitch Rubenstein and Laurie Silvers. The esports company wanted to expand their horizons in supporting teams that play LOL, CS:GO, Super Smash Bros, Overwatch and Hearthstone.

Misfits Overwatch6

Misfits Overwatch, all started with the acquisition of the former Graviton Surge players in June 2016. The active OW lineup consists of Manneten, TviQ, Reinforce, Mineral, Zebbosai and Nevix, all striving to accomplish one goal to win esports tournaments. The players generally practice eight hours a day as well as discuss new game strategies while improving on their individual abiliites.

Competition Participation:

The most recent OW tournaments that Mineral participated with Misfits were the premier, Overwatch Contenders Season Zero: Europe and the major, OW TaKeOver 2.

OW Carbon series event

While playing for Luminosity, Mineral took part in the Overwatch Carbon series, Alienware Monthly Melee: February, DreamHack Winter 2016: European qualifiers, Lenovo Cup and so many others esports tournaments.


The highest earnings for Mineral was while competing for Luminosity at the major competition, Overwatch Winter Premiere. The OW squad played against Complexity, winning the match 3:2 to finish in third place claiming the prize of an amazing $12K.

The second highest prize was won in the Overwatch Open, while Mineral was playing for Luminosity. They lost to Misfits with the score 0:2 to finish the tournament in the 9-12th place, claiming their reward of $6K.