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A Brief Summery into Overwatch Strategy

Overwatch is the basic interaction between a first person shooter’s player skill requirements, and the Overwatch Strategy action based team fighting of a MOBA, all in one package.

As a six versus six multiplayer objective-based shooter, it doesn’t remove the skill required by players in any way but splits the different types of skills required by players to actually make it to a top level. Overwatch Strategy can vary from hitting the mark with every shot, or fast decision making, to exceptionally tricky turret placements to handle choke points, and there is no straight up aim based hero as well, as every singular pick you can make meshes in the level of aim skill required into the creative way you position yourself as well as how you use his skill set to put you at an advantage over your opponents and henceforth reach the top of this game’s ranks. 

Overwatch Strategy with hero Hanzo

Overwatch Strategy is just shooting people?

When addressing content, the game has tons waiting to be unlocked, and updated from patch to patch. With currently 21 Heroes and 9 maps in place at launch, this already offers millions of possible fights on multiple terrains, and who wouldn’t want to hit someone as the intelligent gorilla Winston, or shoot rockets whilst hovering through the air as Pharah, or even jump around as a shuriken throwing cyborg ninja of Genji. The endless possibilities of Overwatch Strategy are there, and a hero exists for every kind of person, be it a passive camp the spot style on Bastion or Torbjorn, or a backline menace like Tracer. 

Overwatch Strategy with hero Tracer

Content also doesn’t just end at Heroes and maps, every hero has a set of Overwatch Strategy Loot Boxunlockable features that one can gain through either loot boxes or achievements. Currently in place one can have different skins, voice lines, highlight intros, emotes, sprays as well as victory poses. Loot boxes can either be bought at a set cost, or unlocked by leveling, whilst achievements can normally be earned differently for each character, be it a specific Overwatch Strategy gameplay or even healing your teammates to victory.

How do I choose what to play to implement Overwatch Strategy?

In a match, one can focus on one out of four roles, Offense, Defense, Tank or Support or otherwise play the flex role and adapt into multiple roles. One can then either solo queue or even group up with up to five friends to enjoy a friendly atmosphere and exchange a few laughs whilst conducting some crazy six Symmetra Overwatch Strategy, or even meshing in together to form the next great team to compete with.

The game also comes with multiple game modes, made to measure for different players. If you’re the casual player or group and you just want to hop in and play a specific Hero, Quick Play is made for you, with a no hero limit setting allowing teams to have any number of the same hero.

Otherwise, if you’re a serious player, and you want proof of your skill, Competitive game play is there just for that. As in any ranking system, the more you rise in ranks the more you’ll get matched with some of the best players on your server, some of which are now fully fledged professional gamers with some of the best eSports organizations backing them up.

Other than quick matches, is competitive play the only option?

The fun doesn’t stop at a competition level however, Blizzard Games has furnished the game with multiple other features implementing Overwatch Strategy to keep the game interesting on a seasonal level, bringing new features in the weekly brawl as well as surprises dependent on the season, or on other impactful worldwide events, one early impactful event having been the Olympics, which brought a ton of new rewards to be obtained from loot boxes as well as a new in game mode, Lucio Ball during the summer of 2016.

Overwatch Strategy lucio ball

With the above all said and done, one might ask, what is there to do other than just ranking up then? Well, the answer is simple and straight to the point. Ranking up is in effect a bonus that one can reap their rewards from at the end of the season when bonus points are distributed. 

Overwatch Strategy Player Icon Season Rewards 5

However, there are endless combinations of fights one can have through Overwatch Strategy, endless plays of the game that one can feature on, as well as the famed Golden guns that one can show off to scream out loud to people which character they favor over others, whilst not forgetting some other collectibles like the top 500 icons or the seasonal top 500 icons which every competing player strives to obtain.

Overwatch Strategy breakout

If you’re looking for a shooter game that gives you chills to the bone on a daily basis, or even one to just lay back and laugh at a friend who constantly dies for no reason. Overwatch is just waiting to fulfill your expectations.


Overwatch Strategy are you with us?