The US Air Force sponsors Cloud 9 and the latest Eleague CSGO Premier 2018

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 23, 2018

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Top esports team, Cloud 9 has gained a new sponsor the US Air Force to help boost their gaming motivation and performance, while also entertaining their Counter-Strike fans with video content. Earlier this year, the Air Force also agreed to sponsor Eleague events. One of the tournaments is the CS: GO Premier 2018 that determines the world’s best team. Showcasing the intense CS action, this tournament is featured on our platform to give you more insight into what is happening.

The US Air Force Sponsors Cloud 9 CSGO

The North American Esports team have announced on their Twitter that the US Air Force will sponsor their Counter-Strike team till May 2019. The partnership will feature the Airforce logo on the Cloud 9 jerseys while also engaging their CSGO fans with video content about the fighter jets, the player’s experiences and so much more.


Cloud 9 CSGO


The Cloud 9 CSGO get to experience what it means to be a fighter pilot like Maverick in the 1986 film, Top Gun. Their first training session will be at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Georgia, where the team will learn about the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialists. A tactical and technical unit of explosives experts who are trained to find the bombs, deactivate them and adapt to the dangerous threats. All in all, the Cloud 9 professional players will get to be the bravest to keep their teammates and others safe from harm.  



According to Cloud 9’s website, The CEO of Cloud9, Jack Etienne explained about the partnership: “Cloud9 is proud to create awareness of the Air Force for our amazing fan base. By developing a dynamic partnership with the Air Force, we will be able to deliver extraordinary content that will show fans a different side of the team. No one else in the world can put our team into a jet and let our fans watch the sheer thrill come over their faces. It’s going to be amazing.”

Major Ross McKnight, the Chief of the National Events Branch at the Air Force Recruiting Service Headquarters has also added his views on the partnership saying: “We are very excited to partner with Cloud9’s stellar CS: GO players, who display the same level of discipline, rigor and achievement that we value in our Airmen. The partnership will provide an opportunity to create engaging and relevant content in the esports space and to show Cloud9 fans some of how they can make a difference in the U.S. Air Force.”

What happened so far in the Eleague Premier 2018?

The Eleague CSGO Premier 2018 is running in its fourth season this year, which kicked off last Saturday 21st July to continue until the 29th July. Bombs are planted, and firearms triggered at enemies, you cannot miss the action that takes place in Atlanta at the G-Fuel Eleague Arena. Eight top CSGO teams will participate for their chance to win the first prize of $500K.


Eleague premier csgo 18 

Eight professional teams are participating at the Eleague CSGO Premier 2018 starting with the group stages. Each of the top esports teams has played their first matches. The results have revealed that Team Liquid, Astralis, Natus Vincere and Mousesports are in the lead of both Groups A and B.

Opening matches of the Eleague CSGO Premier saw the Danish Astralis players beat Cloud 9 North Americans with an unbeatable score of 2-0. In the first map Inferno, the Danes took out C9 with a record of 19-15. In the second map Overpass, Astralis have shown their strength yet again against the might of America’s Cloud 9 with a score of 16-9.


Group A 

The second match of last Saturday featured Team Liquid beating MIBR with a score of 2-0. In map 1, Inferno, TL has taken advantage of MIBR 16-8 while in the second map, Cache, there was nothing the Made in Brazil players could do to beat their opponents, which resulted in 16-9.

On Sunday 22nd July, Group B teams, NaVi and Fnatic opened the second day of the competition. After their recent win at ESL One Cologne 2018, the Born to Win team has had quite a fight on their hands.  The yellow Ukrainian team won over the fanatic CS players in maps Mirage 16-13 and Train 16-8. Fnatic saw the Ukrainians vulnerable in the Inferno map and took the advantage to win 11-16. The majority of two maps was won by Natus Vincere to place first in Group B.


Group B 

The following match brought on a surprise between Faze and Mouz. The world’s best third CSGO team, Faze Clan showed a good performance in the first map, Train winning 16-11 over the German side. However, Mousesports outplayed Faze players in the second map Cache with a score of 12-16 and in the third one, Mirage with a close result of 13-16. 

There is still hope for the remaining squads Cloud 9, MIBR, Faze Clan and Fnatic, which could turn things around. However, to acquire their rightful place in the Semi-finals of the main event, they would have to win the elimination match and the decider tournament.

While it is still early to tell who could win, all eight teams are geared up for their CS fight up to the last few seconds of the rounds. In the meantime, you can watch the latest esports stream through the Eleague CSGO Premier tournament while also informing you on which teams to place your best Counter-Strike bets.