Team Kinguin are the DreamHack Montreal 2018 Champions

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 10, 2018

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Esports spectators in Montreal saw Team Kinguin win the DreamHack Montreal 2018 Championship title. The Polish winners lifted the shiny trophy and claimed their amazing first prize of $50K.

The CSGO tournament kicked off with the Group Stages. Four teams in each group competed against each other in the hopes of winning the first prize. The top four teams that progress to the Playoffs was AGO Esports, Ence, Team Kinguin and The Imperial. Due to the poor performances, Red Reserve, EUnited, Luminosity and Heroic got eliminated.

The DreamHack Montreal Semifinals featured two matches, Ago Esports vs Team Kinguin and Ence Esports vs The Imperial. As the event drew close to the finals, the competition was intense. Apart from this, the atmosphere grew more exciting of what happened next.

kinguin csgo

In the first Semifinal, the Polish team, Kinguin to dominated early over AGO on Dust 2, taking the first round 16-4. AGO kept up their winning hope, picking up their pace winning games in the first half on Train. Thanks to Kinguin’s captain, Wiktor ‘TAZ’ Wojtas who motivated his squad to fight back. Success was in favour of the Polish penguins taking the series 2-0 progressing to the finals. 

All esports fans were watching Ence Esports battle against The Imperial. The Finnish players of Ence may not have played their best in the first map; but, they got the chance to know their opponent’s strategic plays. Imperial took the first game of the series with a remarkable score of 16-2 on Mirage and won the second round on Dust 2. With great tactics, Ence dominated the Train map over Imperial 19-17, winning the series 2-1.

The DreamHack Montreal 2018 was an esports match that gave a chance for teams that do not rank among the top. The Grand finals featured the best of CSGO teams in the event, Kinguin against Ence. In the first map, Nuke, both sides were very close, but the Polish unit showed their real potential in the Terrorist pistol round 16-14. The next game was on the Dust 2 map, which showed how Jacek ‘MINISE’ Jeziak made a quad kill for Team Kinguin. The favourites to win were Ence who played their best gameplays to counter their opposing unit.  The Poles had more drive to succeed, taking the last five rounds to win the series with an unbeatable score of 2-0. 

Team Kinguin TaZ

Although Wiktor ‘TaZ’ Wojtas is a Counter-Strike veteran, he has proven that he is still in esports to win matches with his squad. Team Kinguin beat Ence Esports to hold up the trophy, claiming their grand prize of $50K.

The Eight Teams Confirmed for the New Legends Stage at FACEIT Major.

With the New Challenger Stage at a close, eight teams have made it to the New Legends matches at the FACEIT Major. The past few days were quite eventful, full of surprises and some disappointments.

faceit CSGO major

On the second day of FACEIT announced the first two esports teams, Liquid and Ninjas in Pyjamas to take part. Both units finished with a success 3-0 records where they will advance to the next stage of New Legends. Space Soldiers and Virtus. Pro suffered a loss of 0-3 who got eliminated from the FACEIT Major.

Another three teams taking part in FACEIT are Astralis, Hellraisers and Complexity Gaming. All three squads made it through with a winning record of 3-1 to proceed to the New Legends Stage. Unfortunately for Renegades, Gambit Esports and Rogue, who lost their chance to continue.

The last three CSGO units progressing to the Legendary stage are Tyloo, BIG and Vega Squadron. Three more clubs, Optic, Team Spirit and North got a disappointing result of 2-3 and will not take part in the upcoming matches.

FACEIT Major Eight new Legendary Teams

Now that the eight CSGO squads are now confirmed, you have yet to see them play. You can watch all the Counter-Strike action of the FACEIT Major event between the 12th September until the 16th September. Watching the teams and matches will give you more insight on whom to place your best CSGO betting.