Ruben ‘Rubino’ Villarroel Brødreskift

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 16, 2017

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Ruben ‘Rubino’ Villarroel Brødreskift

Ruben ‘Rubino’ Villarroel Brødreskift is an esports player that hails from Trondheim, Norway. He trains in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the entry fragger for Team Dignitas. His gaming experience so far has given him the knowledge to be an all-rounder in CS but he prefers the lurking role as he has the possibility to be unpredictable in-game.

Dignitas Rubino Tattoo

Outside of gaming, Ruben keeps active by cycling and running which is his way of coping with stress and pressure of esports tournaments. He has recently done a koifish tattoo on his arm for good luck in competitions and skeletons, one on each arm to remember his mother and father. After a successful win, Villaroel likes to celebrate with his teammates drinking and dining.

Where it all began:

The first time I saw Counter-Strike, I was 7-8 years old, where one of my friends played 1.5, At that time I thought “that was so bad”, but two years later I sat and a friend and played a refurbished version 1.6 and then appealed more.

Counter Strike Source video game

When Ruben acquired the video card that supported Counter Strike, his friends were way better than him so he practiced CS 1.6. Within a few months he started beating his friends, who accused Rubino of cheating. His dream was that one day he could live off his gaming hobby and travel the world to play video games and thanks to his father who supported and motivated him towards his choice of career.

Villaroel began his pro gaming career back in 2014 where he played for H2k and moved on to other top teams like London Conspiracy,, LGB eSports, Copenhagen Wolves and North.

The Team:

Team Dignitas is a gaming club that was launched in September 2003 with its headquarters in United Kingdom. Starting with two squads that competed in Battlefield 1942, today the esports team have expanded to support Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds and Smite.

Dignitas CSGO5

Team Dignitas created their CS: GO team in August 2012 with CS Source team CKRAS, attending their very first tournament, Copenhagen Games 2013. Roster changes along the years DIG CS: GO have formed talented lineup of professional players, fox, RUBINO, jkaem, Acilion and LoWel.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

The most recent CS: GO tournaments that Rubino and his team Dignitas have participated include World Cyber Arena 2017, StarLadder i-League Invitational #2, ECS Season 4 and Eleague Major 2017. Other Counter-Strike tournaments include European qualifying stages of PGL Major, DreamHack Denver 2017 and IEM XII Oakland.

ELeague CSGO 2018

The highest earnings for Rubino was at the EPICENTER 2016 while competing for Dignitas CS: GO. The squad took the championship title, reaching the finals against Virtus.Pro to win the premier tournament with a score 1-2 to claim their stunning prize of $250K.

Ruben’s second great accomplishment was at the premier CS tournament, Eleague Season 2. Rubino and his team Dignitas reached the quarterfinals but lost to SK Gaming to rank in 5th place, scooping a reward of $50K.