Christian ‘loWel’ Garcia

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 28, 2017

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Christian ‘loWel’ Garcia

Christian ‘loWel’ Garcia is a 20-year-old pro gamer from Spain. He practices CS:GO, taking on the role of rifler for Team Dignitas. Christian is a hard worker who does not repeat mistakes, he writes down the do and don’ts of CS strategies in his little black book and surely enough it does pay off in the long run.

TV shows

Being a Spanish esports player, Garcia had to overcome a challenge of learning the English language while pursuing his dream of full time gaming. In his spare time, loWel would watch TV series and movies just to improve his communication skills.

Where it all began:

Christian had always a passion for playing CS:GO, so he made his dream come true by joining his first team myXMG in 2013. Through his gaming experience he has played with other pro teams like Wizards, x6tence, making his serious debut with Penta Sports.

CSGO video-game

According to, Garcia explains why he joined Mouz “When the offer from Mousesports came, I knew it was an opportunity I could not refuse. Entering a team of this caliber gives you the opportunity to play in the majority of international tournaments at the highest level and, above all, to travel the world. It’s great when you can do what you like whilst being in places like Atlanta, Vegas, California, Brazil …”

The Team:

Team Dignitas is an esports company that was launched in September 2003 based in the United Kingdom. Starting out with two teams that specialize in Battlefield 1942, they have grown to be one of the leading European esports squads. As gaming trends have grown, DIG nowadays have more units that play video games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm, Smite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.


Dignitas have recreated their CSGO team in August 2012 and since then have had quite a few successes with total earnings that reach $880,036. The current CS roster consists of AcilioN as their new captain, fox, Rubino, jkaem and latest addition from Mousesports, loWel.

Competition Participation:

The latest esports conpetitions that loWel and his team, Mouz have attended in 2017 include PGL Major Krakow 2017, the qualifiers at DreamHack Masters Malmo, ESL ONE Cologne, DH Summer and the European Esports Championship Series Season 3.

DreamHack S 17

Stepping up their CS skills, Mousesports have played against other top teams like Cloud 9, Flipsid3 Tactics, Penta, SK, G2, Hellraisers, Virtus.Pro, Heroic, Team Liquid and Immortals. Battling against the best squads in Counter-Strike has helped Mouz improve on their mistakes so that next time they play against the same team they play their smart moves.


The highest earnings yet achieved by Mousesports and loWel was at the Eleague Season 2. The CS:GO team played their best but lost to Optic Gaming with the record 0:2, finishing in seventh place, taking home a prize of $50K.

The second greatest win for LoWel and his team was when they took part in ESL Pro League Season 5 finals. Mouz battled against top team, SK Gaming with the record 0:2 to rank in sixth place claiming their surprising cheque of $54K.