Joakim ‘jkaem’ Myrbostad

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Dignitas jkaem


Joakim ‘jkaem’ Myrbostad is an esports player that hails from Molde, Norway. He trains in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive taking on the responsibility of lurker for Team Dignitas. Jkaem is known to be a promising CS gamer whose has the talent and willingness to win esports tournaments.

Dignitas jkaem plays golf

When Myrbostad has some free time or on vacation he loves to play golf and football. On occasion, Joakim loves to play poker, which helps him to read his opponents in the card game. When he gets a little stressed from playing video games, Jkaem loves to go for countryside walks to find a perfect spot for fishing.


Where it all began:

Joakim always liked to practice sports in school, he was quite talented player in Football and Handball competing with his classmates. In his free time, Jkaem’s curiosity got the better of him to see what his big brother was up to on the computer and sure enough he was introduced to Counter-Strike 1.6.

DIG Jkaem played football

When his sibling was away, Jaokim would play CS as he always liked competition. Like so many other gamers, his parents were not happy that he spent so much time gaming, in fact many a time his father would hide the computer. Despite the setbacks, he kept on with his passion to become a professional CS: GO player in 2014 with his first pro team,


Now that his parents understand what is esports and all about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they watch all the CS tournaments that DIG Jkaem participates. The support from his family is everything to him and he appreciates the support from his fans too as without them he would not be where he is today.   


The Team:

Team Dignitas is an esports association based in United Kingdom with a goal to become one of the best professional teams worldwide. DIG was established in September 2003, starting out with two Battlefield 1942 squads. Due to their successes, the company now supports more units that specialize in Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Smite.  

Dignitas CSGO2

Team Dignitas originally created a roster of CS Source players in December 2008, known to be the best Danish team at that time. With the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DIG created a unit in August 2012. Over the years the roster changed several times to form their current lineup that consists of fox, RUBINO, jkaem, Acilion and loWel to develop their gaming skills and prove their worth in CS: GO tournaments.


Competition Participation and Winnings:

Joakim achieved great results while playing for Faze Clan at Eleague Season 2. Jkaem and his team managed to reach the semi-finals only to be defeated by Optic Gaming with the score 0-2. Despite the loss, Faze and Jkaem received the highest earnings of his pro gaming career, a total reward of $60K.   

For most of 2017, Jkaem has played for Team Dignitas attending CS: GO tournaments such as the qualifiers stage of Europe Minor championship 2018 – Boston, StarLadder i-League Invitational Europe, DreamHack Denver, PGL Major Krakow, ESL One Cologne. The latest Major esports tournaments attended by DIG jkaem were the major matches like the World Cyber Arena 2017 – Europe and the ECS Season 3.