Natus Vincere born to win the ESL One Cologne 2018

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 10, 2018

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ESL One Cologne 2018 is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament that has sparked many surprises just like the Football World Cup 2018. The top Counter-Strike teams that were thought to have won like Astralis or Faze Clan lost, which gave space for Natus Vincere to take the premier CSGO title claiming their first prize reward of $125K.

On the whole, the CSGO event was quite entertaining, watching the underdogs BIG win matches leading them to the grand finals. The master players of Counter-Strike, Astralis and Faze Clan did not fight enough and lost the battle. For all those who followed the CSGO match, also watched how Ninjas in Pyjamas put on a catastrophic performance of how to lose a game.

The ESL One highlights were not only focused on Natus Vincere winning the match. Watching the Born to Win team was quite memorable beating Fnatic in the quarterfinals and outplaying the top star players of Astralis.

Berlin International gaming

Meanwhile, BIG defeated French G2 Esports in quarterfinals, beating another strong CS unit, Faze Clan in Semifinals where they met Navi in the Grand Finals. Since the ESL event was in Germany, the esports audience cheered on for Berlin International Gaming. Competing in their home country, BIG had motivation and encouragement with the most surprising outcomes in CSGO history. Coincidentally, BIG have an English player Owen ‘Smooya’ Butterfield who was in a winning mood after England’s football success of reaching Semifinals at the World Cup 2018. Better yet, he had the drive to succeed leading BIG to the finals.

Berlin International Gaming and Natus Vincere faced off each other in the grand finals of ESL One Cologne. The overall match was very intense, with BIG hanging tough in the first half of games. The German team tried to keep close scores but found it hard to keep up the pace with the strong CS squad that is born to win matches. The NaVi team won over BIG with a record 3-1, showing the world who are the masters of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, carrying the ESL One Cologne 2018 Championship Cup.

NaVi S1mple, the MVP player of ESL One Cologne 2018

Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev has shown his capabilities in the latest CSGO matches. For his efforts, Navi s1mple was voted the Most Valuable Player of ESL One Cologne 2018 by and Betway. He played a significant role leading his team, Natus Vincere in the Semifinals to eliminate Astralis, the top CSGO unit in the world as of 9th July 2018, according to 

s1mple the MVP ESL Cologne

Kostyliev has received the seventh MVP award in his professional CSGO career so far. In fact, this great achievement is the fifth one for NaVi s1mple with a rating 1.37 after winning the DreamHack Masters Marseille with a 1.52 score rating, StarSeries Season 4 and 5 and CSGO Asia Championships.

The MVP contenders also include Navi teammate, Denis ‘electronic’ Sharipov was close behind with a rating of 1.31. Coming in third and fourth is the German team, Berlin International Gaming duo, Johannes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz with 1.18 and Johannes ‘nex’ Maget with 1.10.

Navi win CSGO in Cologne

NaVi is now ranking as the second great Counter-Strike team in the world after Astralis. The Ukrainian CS unit has been on a winning streak since June winning CSGO Asia Championships 2018 outplaying Virtus. Pro and at the StarSeries & i-League Season 5 defeating NRG Esports. If they keep up their incredible CS tactics, they will surely live out their mission and goal to be born to win esports. With their winning streak under their belt, who knows what will happen at their next esports tournament, Eleague CSGO Premier 2018?