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Lasse ‘MATUMBAMAN’ Urpalainen is a Finnish professional player competing for Team Liquid. His gaming experience has given him the knowledge and skills of handling the support role. His current responsibility towards his Dota 2 unit is handling the carry role, performing his best with signature heroes Lone Druid, Lycan and Gyrocopter.


Urpalainen has quite a positive attitude being around people joking around, an amusing personality on the world stage as well as interviews. Apart from gaming, he likes to practice snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding. In his younger days he used to play baseball for the Finnish National team. 

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While he is an active pro player he intends to save up his winnings so that he can study once he retires from gaming. Another ambition of his is to become a handsome bartender, flipping bottles to the music and serving vodka to Russian brethren.


Where it all began:


Heroes of Might Magic

Lasse was introduced to the world of computer games thanks to his older brother, who owned a pc. He got to play his very first video game, Heroes of Might and Magic II. When he was about 15 attending Secondary School, his friends encouraged him to play Dota 2. Urpalainen is a person who wanted to excel at everything, he tried the first time but lost so he continued practicing to be a better player andnow has fulfilled his dream of winning The International 7 tournament.  


The Team:

Team Liquid is an esports company that was originally established in The Netherlands, back in 2000. They were known for their Starcraft team becoming one of the most successful teams. The gaming association support professional teams that focus on League of Legends, HS, CS: GO, Dota 2, OW, FIFA and Smash. The company also has a website, that covers information about esports players and teams that play most of the popular esports games.

Liquid Dota 2 team

A Dota squad was set up in December 2012 but due to weak results, the former players left the organization, announcing that the squad would be inactive. Two years later, Team Liquid signed up the 5Jungz pro players in October 2015, their re-entry in to Dota 2. The current roster of professional cyber athletes consists of Matumbaman, Miracle-, MinD_ContRoL, GH and KuroKy.


Competition Participation:

The latest Dota 2 tournaments that Team Liquid have participated include DreamLeague Season 7, EPICENTER 2017, StarLadder i-League Invitational #2, where they took all major and premier titles. Although disappointing results, Liquid have also taken part in The Kiev Major 2017 and the Dota 2 Asia Championships.

DreamLeague Season5

The top Dota 2 units that Liquid have competed against are Planet Odd, Evil Geniuses, TNC Pro Team, Invictus Gaming, Faceless and Team VGJ, taking their gaming skills to the next level. Their improvements and gamestyle all paid off in the end which has led them on a winning streak for the surprising result in the prestigious event at The International 7. 



The greatest win yet for Matumbaman and Team Liquid was at The International 7. The Dota 2 unit lost to Invictus Gaming in the upper brackets, but the loss did not demoralize them since they were still in the chance to be the finalists. They persevered through the lower brackets beating Team Secret, Empire and Virtus.Pro to head in to the grand finals. They overcame Newbee to claim their highest earnings yet of a whopping $10.8 million, taking the Dota 2 championship title.

Liquid Matumbaman's second accomplishment was at the premier event, TI6 where the unit lost to Fnatic with the record 0:2, to rank in eighth place scooping a prize of $519K. 

Tournament Placing

12 Aug 2017The International 20171st$10,862,683.00Dota 2
22 Jul 2017DreamLeague Season 71st$80,000.00Dota 2
11 Jun 2017EPICENTER 2017 (Dota 2)1st$250,000.00Dota 2
21 May 2017DreamLeague Season 7 - EU Division2nd$9,000.00Dota 2
20 May 2017StarLadder i-League Invitational #21st$45,000.00Dota 2
30 Apr 2017The Kiev Major 20175th-8th$125,000.00Dota 2
4 Apr 2017Dota 2 Asia Championships 20179th-12th$8,654.00Dota 2
26 Feb 2017StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 31st$135,000.00Dota 2
26 Nov 2016ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 6 - Finals1st$90,000.00Dota 2
8 Nov 2016ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 6 - League Play4th$8,000.00Dota 2
19 Oct 2016FACEIT Invitational3rd-4th$4,000.00Dota 2
13 Aug 2016The International 20167th-8th$519,262.00Dota 2
17 Jul 2016The Summit 53rd$13,136.00Dota 2
19 Jun 2016ESL One Frankfurt 20163rd-4th$28,237.00Dota 2
12 Jun 2016The Manila Major 20162nd$405,000.00Dota 2
15 May 2016EPICENTER1st$250,000.00Dota 2
24 Apr 2016ESL One Manila 20162nd$50,000.00Dota 2
14 Apr 2016BTS Europe #31st$5,000.00Dota 2
6 Mar 2016The Shanghai Major 20162nd$405,000.00Dota 2
17 Feb 2016Captains Draft 3.02nd$8,061.00Dota 2
17 Jan 2016SL i-League XIV Finals (Dota 2)3rd-4th$30,000.00Dota 2
20 Dec 2015World Cyber Arena 2015 (Dota 2)3rd$78,754.00Dota 2
13 Dec 2015The Summit 45th-6th$4,015.00Dota 2
6 Dec 2015The Defense Season 51st$39,273.00Dota 2
12 Nov 2015D2CL Season 61st$25,000.00Dota 2
1 Nov 2015Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 14th$11,588.00Dota 2
13 Sep 2015Alienware Summer's End Cup1st$4,500.00Dota 2
25 Jul 2015Hitbox Challenger by Razer3rd$300.00Dota 2
7 Jun 2015FirstGameTV Dota 2 Cup2nd$3,100.00Dota 2
28 May 2015SLTV ProSeries Season XII (Dota 2)1st$700.00Dota 2
26 May 2015Esportal Finals3rd-4th$6,392.00Dota 2
15 May 2015Yard G2A Fest Ep.12nd$3,000.00Dota 2
3 May 2015Esportal Invitational Tournament 41st$3,500.00Dota 2
23 Apr 2015Hitbox EU Championship #22nd$810.04Dota 2
14 Apr 2015Esportal Open Tournament 32nd$1,000.00Dota 2
21 Dec 2014XMG Captains Draft 2.06th$12,420.00Dota 2
18 Dec 2014joinDOTA Masters XIV2nd$4,000.00Dota 2
14 Dec 2014EIZO Cup #131st$1,869.15Dota 2
29 Nov 2014DreamLeague Season 26th$4,993.00Dota 2
2 Oct 2014EIZO Cup #122nd$634.02Dota 2
15 Oct 2017StarLadder i-League Invitational #31st$135,000.00Dota 2
29 Oct 2017ESL One Hamburg 20173rd-4th$90,000.00Dota 2
15 May 2016EPICENTER 2016 - Dota 2 Finals1st$250,000.00Dota 2
20 May 2017StarLadder i-League Invitational #2 (Dota 2)1st$45,000.00Dota 2
5 Nov 2017AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League Season 65th-6th$130,000.00Dota 2
4 Nov 2017AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League1st$0.00Dota 2
26 Nov 2017Midas Mode Europe1st$18,000.00Dota 2
3 Dec 2017ROG DreamLeague Season 82nd$200,000.00Dota 2
17 Jan 2016SL i-League StarSeries Season 1 (Dota 2)3rd-4th$30,223.00Dota 2
28 Jan 2018ESL One Genting 20182nd$80,000.00Dota 2
4 Feb 2018StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 4 (Dota 2)1st$135,000.00Dota 2
25 Feb 2018ESL One Katowice 2018 (Dota 2)3rd$120,000.00Dota 2
11 Mar 2018The Bucharest Major 20183rd-4th$90,000.00Dota 2
25 Mar 2018DreamLeague Season 93rd$30,000.00Dota 2
4 Apr 2017DAC 20179th-12th$9,179.00Dota 2
7 Apr 2018DAC 20185th-6th$67,500.00Dota 2
6 May 2018EPICENTER XL2nd$200,000.00Dota 2
4 Feb 2018StarLadder i-League Invitational #41st$135,000.00Dota 2
27 May 2018ESL One Birmingham 20187th$16,000.00Dota 2
10 Jun 2018China Dota2 Supermajor1st$555,000.00Dota 2
10 Jun 2018China Dota2 Supermajor 20181st$555,000.00Dota 2
25 Aug 2018The International 20184th$1,782,748.00Dota 2
9 Dec 2018MegaFon Winter Clash1st$150,000.00Dota 2