24 Apr 2017 - 30 Apr 2017

The Kiev Major 2017

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Group Standings
1. Virtus.Pro 33006
2. Team Secret 33006
3. TNC Pro Team 32014
4. 32014
5. Evil Geniuses 32014
6. Invictus Gaming 32014
7. Mousesports 31022
8. Newbee 31022
9. OG 21012
10. Digital Chaos 21012
11. 31022
12. Team Liquid 21012
13. 21012
14. VGj.Thunder 31022
15. IG Vitality 30030
16. SG e-sports 30030

    Prize Pool

    1. 1. $1,000,000
    2. 2. $500,000
    3. 3 - 4. $250,000
    4. 5 - 8. $125,000
    5. 9 - 16. $62,500

    PGL Esports will be hosting The Kiev Major at the National Palace of Arts in Ukraine. The first major match sponsored by Valve started in 2015 with The Frankfurt Major. This kind of tournament is held annually, three Major events in Autumn, Winter and Spring followed by the summer World Championship, The International.


    The aim of these events is to improve the competitive Dota 2 scene in the world of esports. The last tournament of this kind was The Boston Major 2016 that offered a prize of $1 million to the winners, Team OG.


    The Kiev Major will be held from the 27th April till 30th April, bringing Dota 2 action to the table. Sixteen teams will compete for the prize of a staggering $1 million. Which team has what it takes to win the Kiev Major title?


    Under Fly’s leadership, Team OG have developed to be unpredictable and explosive in their game plays. After winning three Major tournaments in Frankfurt, Manila and Boston, it is no surprise that OG have a few tricks up their sleeve for a fourth win in Kiev.


    Team Liquid

    Liquid have kept up their practice and training with their new player GH who joined in January 2017. Team Liquid have proven time and time again their memorable game plays. Their latest tournament was at the StarLadder iLeague StarSeries Season 3 taking first place reaching the finals. Feeling the pressure to deliver amazing results in Kiev, will Liquid beat their rivals OG?


    Evil Genuises

    EG have a dota roster of top players like Universe, Sumail, Arteezy, Zai and Cr1t-. Their performances at the Boston Major were not so great finishing third place but from then on, they held their winning streak at the China Top 2016, Dota Pit League Season 5. EG clearly have the skills to go through the quarterfinals at the Kiev Major.


    Digital Chaos

    At the Boston Major, DC reached the Semi-finals finishing fourth place. Since then they kept up their appearances at ESL One Genting 2017, Dota Pit League Season 5 and at the StarLadder iLeague StarSeries Season 3 to maintaining and improving their game plays. The Dota squad have not won tournaments since ESL Genting but do not underestimate them. Digital Chaos have a few tricks up their sleeve, they just do not want to show the world just yet.



    The Chinese Dota team have started the New Year placing second at ESL One Genting 2017. At the Boston Major last year Newbee did not do so well finishing 9th till 16th place and followed by the World Cyber Arena 2016. In the matches that followed, the unit seem to be on a winning streak, placing in the top two rankings. Does Newbee have what it takes to take the Kiev Major title?


    Team VG.J

    Another Chinese team have qualified for the Kiev Major securing a direct invitation. The squad under Vici Gaming have been around since September 2016, proving the world their true gaming potential. VG.J were able to beat OG at the StarLadder iLeague StarSeries Season 3, surprising many esports fans. It is safe to say that Team VG.J are one of the strongest Asian teams to participate in the Kiev Major. Do they have a surprise in store at the Major event?

    Sixteen teams will be competing at the Kiev Major in April 2017 but which team will go through to win the Grand Finals for the prize pool of a whopping $1 million.

    | PGL Esports will be organising The Kiev Major in Ukraine for a prize of $1 million to the winning Dota 2 team who will participate at TI World Championship |

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