Hyeon ‘EFFECT’ Kim

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 09, 2017

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Hyeon ‘EFFECT’ Kim

Hyeon ‘EFFECT’ Kim is a South Korean cyber athlete playing Overwatch professionally competing for Team EnVyUs. He takes on the position of DPS showing off his experience and skills every time he plays his signature hero, Tracer. Ever since he was picked up by NV, he has shown the esports world that he can lead the team on a winning streak as the squad did in the latest Apex League.

Hatsune Miku

Aside from playing Overwatch, Kim has acquired a major in music that has helped him appreciate the beauty of sound. He likes to listen to Japanese music, Jazz as well as vocaloids for the variety songs and lyrics that can be manipulated digitally like the character, Hatsune Miku.

Where it all began:

Hyeon had a passion for video games since he was young, playing against his friends building up his competitive spirit that one day he will become a professional gamer. Kim would follow several esports tournaments and became a fan of another professional LOL player for SK Telecom T1, Faker.

Overwatch video game2

Kim’s goal is that one day he will become a top player that esports fans will follow in whichever game he plays, leaving his mark that leaves people talking about him and Overwatch. EFFECT plays other video games to counter the stress since competing professionally in OW can create some tension especially while preparing mentally for esports tournaments.

The Team:

EnVyUs is an American gaming company founded in 2007, known for their competitive successes in the Call of Duty team. Through the association’s success, NV supports different teams that play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Gears of War, Halo, League of Legends, Overwatch and Starcraft.

NV OW team6

Team EnVyUs Overwatch team was created in February 2016, acquiring Team Hubris with players like coolmatt69, Talespin, Ras, Minstrel, Stoop and Esper. Since then the team had disbanded and NV acquired another OW team IDDQD who were making it big in the esports scene. The current roster includes cocco, chipshajen, HarryHook, Mickie, Taimou and EFFECT.

Team EnVyUs practice Overwatch by scrimming from four to eight hours a day, improving their skills and game tactics so as to play their full potential in esports tournaments with one goal to win.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

The tournaments that EFFECT participated were with Meta Bellum at the OW APEX Challengers Season 2 which eventually led to him take part in the OW APEX Qualifier #1. The squad beat EWG with the amazing score of 2:0 but since it was a minor and qualifying event he and his team did not win a cash prize.


Now that EFFECT is currently with EnVyUs there is more of a chance he will improve and achieve success in his professional career as a gamer with the support of the esports company NV.