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SK Telecom T1, a South Korean telecommunications organisation was founded in 2002. The company have several teams under SK Sports that specialise in Basketball, Baseball, Football, Handball and esports.

SK Sports started out with a unit playing Starcraft, and due to the popularity, they expanded bringing in another squad that formed SK Telecom T1. Their League of Legends roster is made up of six professional players, Duke, Bengi, Bang, Faker, Wolf and Blank.

SKT is known to be one of the best LOL teams in the world, having placed first in the 2013, 2015 and 2016 World Championships. Among other tournaments, SKT have participated in premier competitions like LCK 2015 Spring and Summer Playoffs and IEM Season X – World Championship.

 The Team

Hoseong Lee

Hoseong Lee

Hoseong ‘Duke’ Lee is a dedicated top laner that plays for SK Telecom T1. He began his career in 2013 with the nickname ‘Leopard’ playing for KT Rolster Bullets. After signing up with the group Najin Black Sword, Lee changed his name to ‘Duke’. Lee likes to train and practise with his favourite LOL champions Renekton, Shen and Jax while improving his playstyle.

Bae Seong woong

Bae Seong-woong

Bae ‘Bengi’ Seong-woong, a professional gamer, taking on the role of Jungler for SK Telecom T1. Bengi’s playstyle creates tons of pressure throughout the game with champions Lee Sin, Vi, Nunu and Elise, making his adversaries alert and quick to react. Bengi was the first pro to pick out the hero, Zac in tournaments. 

Kang Sun gu

Kang Sun-gu

Kang ‘Blank’ Sun-gu is a South Korean jungler for SKT. He started out his gaming profession in 2014 playing for the squad Energy Pacemaker Carries and then moved on with Star Horn Royal Club. His strategical playstyle is improving through his most played champions, Olaf, Zac and Lee Sin. Blank still has to master his map control so that he can help add another achievement to the list.

Lee Sang hyeok

Lee Sang-hyeok

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok is a South Korean mid laner for the squad SKT. Apart from League of Legends, he has previously played ‘Chaos’, a MOBA type of game, which has helped him changeover into LOL. Faker has a deep understanding of the game with the ability to handle a variety of heroes like Zed, LeBlanc, Ahri and Ryze, bringing out his hyper aggressive moves.

Bae Jun sik

Bae Jun-sik

Bae ‘Bang’ Jun-sik is a dedicated pro that takes on the AD carry role for his team. He is one that commits to his time schedule for his training sessions. Bang’s favourite heroes are Caitlyn for her headshot ability, for Vayne’s condemn ability and Ezreal’s teleportation.

Lee Jae wan

Lee Jae-wan

Lee ’Wolf’ Jae-wan is the supportive gamer for SK Telecom. His passion and dedication has made him a good communicator and practising the game with his favourite champions Alistair, Bard, Braum and Thresh. His quick transformation gives him the ability to be what his unit needs.