DreamHack Open Tours 2018

Dreamhack Open Tours 2018 is a CSGO tournament which has been held for the past four years in the North of France. The major esports […]

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DreamHack Open Tours 2018

From: 2018-05-19
To: 2018-05-21
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AGO Esports
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EnvyusEVTeam EnvyusnVTeam EnvyEnvy

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Gambit Gaming

GambitGGGambit Esports

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Team North

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The Imperial
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Prize Pool

Grand total: $85,000.00

DreamHack Open Tours 2018

Dreamhack Open Tours 2018 is a CSGO tournament which has been held for the past four years in the North of France. The major esports tournament will be held between 19 May until 21 May 2018 at Parc des Expositions. The top eight CS teams will face each other to rank further up on the leaderboards. You will never get bored watching your favorite team fight for their chance to win the first prize of $50K, for the event will be streamed online, keeping you updated to place your best CSGO betting.

What is DreamHack Open?

DH Open tournaments feature several LAN stops around the world in one year, which was originally launched in 2012 before the Masters. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was officially one of the esports games offered since 2015. Over the years, DreamHack has become one of the world’s biggest gaming competitions globally that also features music concerts, cosplay, DreamExpo as well as lectures about the gaming culture and so much more.

Dreamhack Tours 2018 Expo

Dreamhack has made a statement in the past saying that they ‘aim to feature different games and diversify DH Open. In fact, in the upcoming DreamHack Tours 2018, there will be a variety of esports games featured such as Fortnite, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Overwatch, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Pokemon, Quake Champions, Shadowverse and Starcraft II.

DH Tours 2015 Fnatic win

DreamHack Tours 2015 was the first edition that was held in France featuring CSGO as the main esports game of the event. That year, the world’s top CSGO team was Fnatic that beat the French favorites, NV in the Grand Final with an incredible score of 2-1. The French esports fans were in support of EnVyUs who started very strong, taking the first round but the support was not enough for victory. Fnatic came out stronger defeating their opponents with an incredible 16 to 5 record, winning the CSGO championship taking home the first prize of $20K.


The following year at DreamHack Tours 2016, Team Dignitas dominated the Upper Brackets to reach the finals against Hellraisers from the Loser brackets. The match started out with a close score of 16-13 on CSGO map, Dust 2 but DIG seemed to be a better team, sweeping the bombsites Mirage with a record 16-8 and Overpass 16-7, to beat HR with a global score of 2-1. Dignitas won the major championship taking home $30K, while second runner-ups, Hellraisers won $15K and both winning teams acquiring a spot in the next CSGO competition, ESL One Cologne 16 qualifiers.

Last year’s DreamHack Tours 2017 saw the top CSGO teams, G2 and Hellraisers reach the Grand Finals. The home crowd of French Counter-Strike fans was in support of G2 Esports which helped them through the match taking down their opponents with an incredible score of 2-0. They took home the first prize of $50K while Hellraisers placed second claiming $20K.

This year marks the fourth time that DreamHack Open Tours will take place, gathering all CSGO fans at the Parc des Expositions Grand hall. The venue was inaugurated in 2004, designed by the architect Albert Yaying Xu. It is known to one of the largest concert halls in Tours that can accommodate 12,000 people, that is generally used for conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions. The upcoming event in May will certainly bring all the Counter-Strike hype for all fans watching live streams of DreamHack Open Tours 2018 while you can place your best CSGO betting.

The Dreamhack Open organizers have not announced which are the six invited CSGO teams. Two qualifiers still need to take place, determining the winning unit from Europe and North America that will participate in the event. Eight esports teams will be divided into two groups of four in a double elimination. The best four CSGO squads will advance to the Playoffs in a single elimination bracket and best-of-3 matches.

After the results of DH Masters Marseille, will a French team defend the CSGO title in the upcoming DreamHack Open Tours 2018? More news to be announced so stay tuned.