Amer Miracle AlBarkawi

Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 22, 2017

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Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi

Amer ‘Miracle’ Barqawi is a pro gamer that competes for Team Liquid Dota 2 roster. His responsibility towards his team is that of handling the mid-laner position but he also has the skills to carry in-game. Miracle was the first dota player to reach 9000 MMR, the highest ranks to surpass w33 and also won the Esports Rookie of the Year 2016 by the Esports Industry Awards.

foot ball

Aside from playing Dota 2, Barqawi used to play Football that instilled in him a sense of discipline, teamwork and game strategies to help win the matches. In his spare time, Amer likes going out with his friends for dinner, to the movies, shopping or maybe break-dance to the rhythm of the music.

Where it all began:

Curiosity got the better of Amer who followed his brother to the local gaming café to play Defense of the Ancients 1. He was twelve when he started playing for fun and yet he was winning and beating everyone in the game with Shadow Fiend. His friends would call him ‘the Miracle boy’ for his great gameplays showing everyone he was a good player.

Defense of the Ancients game

From then on he stuck with Miracle as his gaming alias, playing seriously Dota 2. In December 2013, Amer became widely known as a pubstar to set a goal of having the highest MMR. Meanwhile he joined his first team Balkan Bears but left after four months for not participating in competitions. He made his debut with Team OG winning his first esports tournament, The Frankfurt Major.

The Team:

Team Liquid is a professional esports company established in 2000 with headquarters in the Netherlands, becoming one of the leading names in the gaming scene. They are synonymous for their informative platform, covering esports teams, players and events. The association have several teams that train and compete in Starcraft, League of Legends, Heartstone, CS: GO, Dota 2, Street Fighter, Smash, Halo, Overwatch and FIFA.


Liquid Dota 2 was created in December 2012 and will continue to win esports titles. Their gaming knowledge and experience is what shapes them as players. The current roster consists of Matumbaman, Miracle-, MinD_ContRoL, GH and Kuroky, showing the world they are the masters of Dota 2 at TI 7.

Competition Participation:

2017 brought on a winning streak for Team Liquid Dota 2, winning the DreamLeague Season 7, EPICENTER, StarLadder i-League Invitational #2. There were only two matches that the unit did not do so well at The Kiev Major 2017 finished in fifth place and in the Dota 2 Asia Championships, twelfth place.

StarLadder iLeague S2

Their gaming skills have dominated over other top esports teams in several of the prestigious matches, these include Planet Odd, Evil Geniuses, TNC Pro Team, Invictus Gaming, Faceless, VGJ and Escape Gaming among many other top dota units.


The great achievement yet for Miracle- as an esports player was competed for Liquid at The International 7. In the match, the squad won the Dota Championship beating Newbee, claiming a prize of $10.8 million.

His second great achievement was at the Frankfurt Major 2015, when Miracle- was playing for Team OG at the time. The Dota 2 team won the major competition with a record 3:1 against Secret, taking home a staggering prize of $1 million.