Why both Gambit and NaVi Gaming lose in their trade

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 14, 2017

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A lot has been going on lately in the CS:GO player transfer market. Teams are struggling to build their ultimate squads as they acquire and trade different talent throughout the board. Lately, Gambit has lost not only a coach but also a in-game leader and team captain.

So What Happened?

If you missed out on the big news this week between these two teams, let me catch you up.  

First:  Na’Vi lost Guardian (AWPer) to FaZe Clan.  A clutch grab for FaZe but a big loss for Na’Vi.  Guardian is however filling big shoes as he replaces allu.

Second:  Na’Vi trade in their fresh coach Andi for Gambit’s coach Kane.

Third:  Zeus’ “unwillingness to work with a new head coach” sends him back to his old team Na’Vi.  A big pickup for Na’Vi as not only are they getting a replacement for Guardian, they now have a strong ingame leader in Zeus.  This is a big loss for Gambit and is going to hurt them going into DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017.

Kane 2016 Gambit

Kane. Photo Credits: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/

How does Na’Vi suffer?

Now Gambit has yet to announce who is filling in their holes, so why did I state that both teams lose in what seems like a one sided trade?  Well with the ESL Pro League S6 around the corner and Malmo 2017, Na’Vi is going to have to learn to adapt to their new additions fast.  

Na’Vi has been on a slippery slope this year and although they’ve made more so far this year than most people make in two full work cycles, we don’t know if these new additions are better.  A new coach and shot caller really change a teams dynamic and could possibly send them deeper down the rabbit hole.

It can also put them on the right track to defending their ESL One: New York title.

Does Na’Vi improve? How worried should we be for Gambit?  Let me know on twitter and on reddit and let’s chat CSGO!