The Melbourne Esports Open and the Rebranding of Digital Chaos

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 05, 2018

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Many gaming enthusiasts look forward to attending matches in Australia, in fact, the government has seen the potential of esports and tourism. This will take video games to the next level organising the Melbourne Esports Open held in September 2018. Digital Chaos were a group of pro players that brought on disorder on their opponents. Now that re-branding has been put in place, the squad, Chaos will remain and will continue to be the chaotic pro gamers you know all too well.

Australia’s Gaming Capital, Melbourne

Up until a few years ago, the Esports scene in Australia was quite limited. Esports tournaments like the Overwatch League, IEM Sydney have become a few of the much-awaited events that gaming enthusiasts look forward to attending.

IEM Sydney 2018

IEM Sydney has proven that Australia has an esports following that is growing across the country. So the time has come to make Melbourne the gaming capital where the first Esports Open tournament will be held in the first weekend of September 2018. The Victorian Major Events fund in conjunction with Visit Victoria will be working closely with TEG Live and ESL to organize esports events until 2022.

The Australian government seems to support esports in a big way, in fact, the Minister for Tourism and Major Events, John Eren announced the event last weekend. “The Melbourne Esports Open is a massive scalp for Victoria, tapping into one of the world’s most popular sectors of the sports and entertainment industry.”

The Esports Open held in Melbourne will be the biggest esports tournament held with 10K of people who could attend every single day to see their favourite esports team in action. There is no news of what games and teams will be competing so more on this will be released at a later date.

Melbourne Esports Open September 2018

The Esports Open 2018 will be gathering all gaming fans at the Melbourne & Olympic Park, filling the grand stadiums of Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park Function Centre and Margaret Court Arena. This September, the gaming arenas will be equipped with wide monitors, state of the art lighting and top-notch audio systems.

The Esports tournament will attract the world’s best gamers and bring thousands of fans from the four corners of the world to the gaming city. Australia’s Tourism Minister, John Eren has said: “With millions of gamers both at home and abroad, it’s time to bring all the action and fanfare of esports to our backyard.”

Victoria will strengthen its credentials in the esports world and make its mark into the world’s ever increasing gaming market that has an audience of over 385 million people watching online and live tournaments. In fact, the esports festival is projected to reach $25 million over the next 5 years for the Australian economy while also boosting business and supporting the job market all over the country.

Digital Chaos rebrand to Chaos

The North American team, Digital Chaos is a professional esports company that was founded in August 2015 by Shannon ‘SUNSfan’ Scotten. 1st June marked a new beginning as DC rebranded to Chaos with the aim of being approachable and more mainstream among gaming fans.


Chaos CEO, Greg Laird has taken to Twitter explaining the real reason behind the name change. “Since taking over @DIGITALCHAOSgg there’s been a battle in my head between the old legacy of the brand, or reshaping it into something more approachable and mainstream. This is the first step towards building a brand, fans want to WEAR and represent.”

He goes on to announce how Chaos will go about their new brand marketing campaign. “We’ll be rolling out a line of merchandise in the next month to go along with our new identity. We’ve been putting together designs, materials, and methods I’d want to wear – that make people say “where did you get your shirt?”, not “is that a gaming team?”

Chaos Rainbow 6 Siege

Chaos continues to be a part of the esports world even though their dota 2 squad have recently disbanded last April 2018. They currently have professional units training and competing in PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Proud player Rasmus ‘REDGROOVE’ Larsson shared his new Chaos jersey on social media in the participation of the upcoming esports tournaments. In fact, the first showing representing Chaos was their Rainbow Six Siege team who participated at DreamHack Austin 2018, where they reached the quarterfinals.

The digital chaotic players will bring order and turn a whole new leaf to compete better in gaming matches under Chaos. With the intention of going mainstream, the squad will keep gathering a following of esports fans who will buy their merchandise to help give more support and motivation to the pro players.