The 8 Legendary teams advance to the FACEIT Major Playoffs

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 17, 2018

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The FACEIT Major League in London is the second Major in 2018 and the 13th CSGO tournament that is sponsored by Valve. This past weekend, at the Twickenham Stadium six teams competed in the last set of round 5 matches. The top 8 Legendary teams got to advance to the New Champions Stage or otherwise known as the playoffs.

In the New Legends stage, the matches from Round 1 to 4 were played in a best-of-1, while round 5 was a best-of-3. Here below are some team statistics that could guide you to place your CSGO betting for the last phase of the FACEIT Major.

Team Liquid is strong on Mirage map winning over Winstrike and Ninjas in Pyjamas. The North American squad proved their worth beating Astralis on Inferno to achieve an unbeatable 3-0 result. How will Team Liquid fare against the Raisers of Hell?

navi csgo at faceit

Natus Vincere suffered a loss in Round 1 losing to Astralis with a close record 14-16. With the drive to win the next three games, Navi proved to be stronger than Faze in Overpass, beating Ninja in Pyjamas and outplaying Fnatic. The Born to Win players are driven to succeed, the question is how NaVi will fare in their next game against BIG in the Quarterfinals.

The German team, Berlin International Gaming have recently finished in second place at the ESL One Cologne 2018. Their potential has shone through once again advancing to the quarterfinals of FACEIT Major. The journey in the New Legends Stage saw BIG outrun Faze Clan in Dust II. Their best plays were on the map Train, beating the likes of Tyloo and Hellraisers. Even though BIG suffered a loss to Complexity, it did not stop them from getting closer to the playoffs.


Faze Clan was one of three teams that played all five rounds. The CSGO team lost the first two games, one against BIG and to NaVi. In the third round, FaZe stepped up their game, winning over Mousesports and Tyloo in the Mirage map proving to be the best map they played so far. In Round 5, the European Counter-Strike unit dominated over G2 Esports which saw them eliminated out of the tournament. With one step closer to the Grand Final, do you think Faze have what it takes to win Astralis?


Hellraisers is another team that shocked the CSGO scene at the FACEIT Major. Although the unit lost to G2 Esports in Round 1, the defeat did not affect them much playing their best map Overpass to win over Cloud 9 and Tyloo. In Round 4, HR lost to Berlin International Gaming. Due to the unfortunate result, the squad raised hell on Fnatic who could not counter the chaos that ensued. Hellraisers played a better gaming performance, taking the lead in Dust II and Cache maps in Round 5. Their overall score of three wins and two losses saw Hellraisers earn their place in the Playoffs of the New Champions Stage.

Made in Brazil is the South American CSGO team that was previously known as SK Gaming. After the roster change of two players from Cloud 9, MIBR is struggling to place higher than the usual 5th – 8th placing. Their performance has surprised many CS fans around the world, winning over Mousesports, G2 Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas. MIBR have proven that they do have the capability to get back on their feet, reaching closer to the Semi-finals.


Complexity CSGO team

The top ranking CSGO team in the New Legends stage are Complexity, who won against Fnatic on Inferno, defeated G2 Esports in Cache 16-11. In Round 3, Complexity overcame Berlin International Gaming achieving an overall score of 3-0. The team effort contributed to the unexpected result that surprised many CSGO fans from the impressive plays made by Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker to Rory ‘dephh’ Jackson becoming the first British gamer to compete in the Major Playoffs.

The world’s top CSGO team, Astralis are quite forceful on the Inferno map defeating Natus Vincere and Vega Squadron. However, the star players beaten by Team Liquid figured out their winning strategy plans. Suffering one loss, Astralis did not even give a chance for MIBR to score any points finishing with a remarkable score of 16-0. Astralis acquired their spot in the playoffs with an overall record 3-1.

The New Legends stage is officially over. All eyes will be on the top CS teams who will fight on in the playoffs featuring four quarterfinal matches that will start on the 20th September. Tension will rise as players take their precise aim, bombs disarmed and mission completed by the CSGO winners of FACEIT.