Robert ‘rob420’ Garcia

By: EsportsOnly.Com
May 29, 2017

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Robert ‘rob420’ Garcia

Robert ‘rob420’ Garcia is an American cyber athlete who plays for Luminosity Gaming Evil. He takes on the OW support position helping his teammates and getting them out of trouble so as to win matches. His goal at present is to improve on his skills and abilities to prove his worth in the Overwatch scene and help his team be one of the top ten teams in esports.

Graphic design

Gaming aside, Garcia enjoys his free time listening to music and travelling that keeps him motivated. He loves putting his artistic talents to good use in graphic design with a burst of colour and creativity.

Where it all began:

Robert started playing video games like DOOM, the version that came out in 1993. Other first person shooter games rob420 would play were Duke Nukem 3-D, Quake III Arena, Reflex, Dirty Bomb and also Team Fortress 2.

Doom 1993 video game

He found out about Overwatch through the closed beta, practicing and training on his PC until he was good enough to play professionally. The first esports team Garcia joined was WIP in July 2016 competing in OW matches.  

The Team:

Luminosity Gaming is a North American esports organisation that was founded in February 2015 by Steve ‘Buyaka’ Maida. Due to the success of the company, LG support team that compete in CS:GO, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Overwatch.

LG Evil OW3

Luminosity Gaming acquired the former Hammer Esports Overwatch roster to form a new team LG Evil. The roster of talented players include Jake as in-game leader, train, Voll, super, rob420 and Avast.

Competition Participation:

The most recent esports tournament that rob420 and Luminosity Gaming Evil participated was the CyberPowerPC 2017. The team defeated Counter Logic Gaming with the score of 3:1 taking the first prize.     

CyberPowerPC 17

While Jake played for Hammer Esports back in February 2017, they defeated the top team, Tempo Storm with a record of 3:0 at the Haste Overwatch. Another accomplishment was at the Alienware Monthly Melee: January they also beat Luminosity Gaming Loyal with the unbeatable score 3:0.   


The highest winnings for Garcia and his team, LG Evil was when they attended the Overwatch Carbon Series. The squad competed at the Major tournament losing to Immortals with the record of 1:3 to proudly claim their reward of $5k.