Matt ‘matt’ Elento

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 20, 2017

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Matt ‘matt’ Elento

Matt ‘Matt’ Elento is a talented gamer, born and raised in Hawaii. He takes on the supportive role for Team Liquid competing in League of Legends. His favourite champions are Braum and Karma but statistically in esports tournaments he performs well on LOL characters, Janna and Lulu.

Sometimes playing League of Legends can be stressful especially when tournaments are approaching. Matt’s way of relieving stress is playing other video games like Smash, Pokemon and Assassins Creed. On his lunch break he loves the occasional steak with a side salad but nothing beats his favourite meal of salmon with vegetables.

Liquid Matt favourite dish Salmon

Where it all began:

One of the first video games that Matt played was Runescape at the local internet café. Eventually, he came across League of Legends where Matt would practice on a low-spec all-in-one computer that used to crash quite often. So his parents saved up the money and bought him a personal computer which he appreciates. In the beginning, his father was against playing video games all day long but he came to understand what good qualities come out from esports, being a leader, always staying a step ahead coming up with new ideas.

Liquid Matt used to play Runescape

Elento started competing professionally in League of Legends after attending the North American LCS Summer Finals at Madison Square Garden. He realized that there is potential to pursue a career in esports which led him to practice and train seriously LOL with Team Liquid Academy.

The Team:

Team Liquid was launched in 2000 with the hopes of becoming one of the leading names in the esports world. It all started out with a fan site for Starcraft and has grown into a company that not only supports professional teams but also covers esports news. Seventeen years down the line, Team Liquid have squads that compete in Starcraft, League of Legends, Hearthstone, CS: GO, Dota 2, Smash, Street Fighter, Halo and FIFA.

Team Liquid LOL roster

Liquid LOL roster was formed by the former squad that used to be known as Team Curse. Due to poor results, Liquid turned a new leaf at the start of 2017 and changed up their LOL roster adding new players Reignover and Mickey while Goldenglue, Piglet and Dardoch returned to the active League of Legends roster.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

A great win for Matt and Team Liquid took place at the IEM XI Gyeonggi 2016. They beat top teams like Dark Passage and Giants! Gaming, reaching the Semi-Finals. So close to the finals and yet so far, TL lost Samsung Galaxy with the record 0-2 to rank in third place to claim their prize of $10K.

Matt and LOL Team Liquid have participated at the North American LCS Spring Season 2017, Team Liquid failed to qualify in the event to advance to the Spring Playoffs. They finished in ninth place winning LOL matches against Counter Logic Gaming, reaching a tie with Echo Fox and Team Solomid.

At NA LCS Summer Season 2017, Team Liquid failed to qualify for the next stage of the tournament, Summer Playoffs, after losing to top LOL teams such as TSM, IMT, CLG, C9. However, the LOL squad have also won matches against Dignitas and Phoenix1 as well as a close tie with EnVyUs.

NA LCS Championship

Team Liquid LOL team attended their latest tournament was at the NA LCS Spring Promotion 2018. An amazing accomplishment for the unit beating the likes of eUnited and Pheonix1 to qualify for the North American LCS Spring Split 2018.