Liu ‘Freeze’ Chang

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Apr 12, 2018

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Liu ‘Freeze’ Chang

Liu ‘Freeze’ Chang is a 21-year-old talented esports gamer who practices professionally in Dota 2, to represent VGJ.Thunder. He takes on the position of solo middle playing his best with his signature heroes like Ember Spirit, Queen of Pain and Storm Spirit. He may not be as famous but he has proven time and time again his gaming skills and talent in Dota 2.

Basketball matches

Since Chang is a professional player whether he likes it or not travelling has become a part of his life. Although sometimes he may suffer from the jet lag, he has the motivation to win, competing at prestigious esports tournaments, showing the world his gaming worth on the international stage. Aside from training in esports, in his free time, he gets to eat with his friends, work out with the team’s trainer. To end the day on a good note. Liu likes to hang out with his unit, drinking beer and perhaps watch a game of basketball too.

Where it all began:

dota 2 wallpaper

Freeze began his gaming career seriously practising Dota 2 with his very first team, 2144 Gaming.Shield in October 2014. Liu gained the competitive experience joining other top dota 2 teams like EHOME.K and EHOME.Luminous, Vici Gaming Potential and VGJ.Thunder, that has given him the chance to continue aiming higher, improving his gaming abilities and learning different dota strategies.

The Team:

VGJ.Thunder was established as Team VGJ after Vici Gaming and Jeremy Lin the basketball player who was endorsing the squad. They are a team coming from Vici Gaming, so they made it their mission to conquer over top esports teams and win dota 2 battles. Due to its successes, VGJ has signed another dota squad from North America known as VGJ.Storm.

VGj3.Thunder dota roster

VGJ.T is a Chinese Dota 2 squad that was created in September 2016. The current roster is consisting of pro players Sylar, Freeze, Yang, Fade as their team captain and their latest gamer ddc, who is on loan from LFY – Forever Young.

Competition Participation:

The latest dota 2 tournaments that Freeze and his team VGJ.T have participated in include Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018, GESC: Indonesia Dota 2 Minor and ESL One Genting 2018. Some of the most recent China qualifying matches that the dota team have taken part in were EPICENTER XL, ESL Katowice 2018, StarLadder i-League Invitational #4.

ESL One Katowice

Gaining competitive experience, Freeze and his squad have had the pleasure of battling against some of the top dota teams such as Team Liquid, LGD Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Virtus.Pro, Vici Gaming and LFY – Forever Young.


The highest win for Freeze and his team, VGJ.Thunder was at The Bucharest Major. Going through the Group Stages, the dota squad beat the likes of TNC Pro Team in the Quarterfinals, Newbee in the Semifinals. VGJ.T managed to reach the Finals, however, VGJ.T lost to Virtus.Pro with an unbeatable score. Chang and his unit finished in second place, taking home a prize of $200K.

Another great accomplishment was at the Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds. VGJ.T won the finals against Evil Geniuses with the remarkable record of 3-0, taking the major title and proudly claimed their first prize of $200K.