Jacob ‘Fugly’ Medina

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Nov 14, 2017

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Jacob ‘Fugly’ Medina

Jacob ‘FugLy’ Medina is a professional gamer training in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He takes on the position of a support rifler for his team, NRG. FugLy is mostly known as one of the best players in Europe for holding bombsites as well as his game style on CT side. Thanks to Daps who helped him improve on his playstyle to become a top esports player he is today.

Where it all began:

Jacob loved video games from the moment he got a Nintendo console as a gift. He loved competition and sports in his younger days, playing Basketball and Football while still at school. The first encounter with computer games was Runescape in 2004. Medina set up an account with the intention that his father would play the video game. In the end, Jacob took the account with his dad’s alias, Fugly, which he used as his gaming tag.


Medina began playing Counter-Strike: Source in February 2008, a video game that was introduced to him by his friend about the latest trending video game. He liked the competitive aspect of CS Source, so he began practicing for about a year and got to playing pugs for years with the intention of improving his gaming skills. In 2014, Jacob made the transition to train in CS: GO joining his first esports team, Lunatik Esports.

The Team:

NRG Esports is an American gaming association that was founded in December 2015 by Gerard Kelly and the NBA Sacramento Kings co-owners Andy Miller and Mark Mastrov. The esports organization is based in California supporting teams that compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Smite, Hearthstone, For Honor, Rocket League and Vainglory to continue the esports legacy for NRG.

NRG Esports CSGO4

NRG created their CS: GO team in January 2016 signing on the former Method players in time to compete at the Americas Last Chance Qualifier – Colombus 2016. The CS roster presently consists of Daps as captain, FugLy, Brehze, AnJ and CeRq that will take their CS skills to new heights.

Competition Participation:

While competing for NRG, Fugly participated in the Major tournaments such as IBUYPOWER Masters 2017, Americas Minor Championship – Boston 2018, DreamHack Denver 2017 as well as DH Atlanta and Valencia. NRG have attended the qualifying matches of the IEM Oakland, EPICENTER 2017, Eleague CS: GO Premier 2017, ESL One: New York, DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017 and DH Summer 2017.

DH Summer 2018

Having attended so many esports tournaments, NRG have had the experience of winning against top teams like Luminosity, Tempo Storm and Mythic. Learning from their mistakes and CSGO Strategies, NRG have played against Cloud 9, Complexity, LDLC.com, Optic, Renegades, Rise Nation, Godsent, Red Reserve among many more pro teams.


The greatest accomplishment in Fugly’s pro career so far was at the MLG Major Championship: Colombus in April 2016. While competing for CLG, finishing in the playoffs, the squad lost to Liquid, ranking in seventh place to take home a prize of $35K.

Fugly’s second achievement was while playing for NRG at the premier event, ESL Pro League Season 5 – Finals. Finishing in 12th place in the match, the Counter-Strike team have won a reward of $32K.

Medina’s third highest win was while he was playing for Team Liquid at the IBUYPOWER Cup back in November 2015. TL lost to Cloud 9 with the score, 1-2 but despite the loss the finished in second place taking home a reward of $25K.